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Ladybaby chapter 160 : Leaks , Spoilers and Updates

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Ladybaby is originally a kawaii metal Japanese musical group. Originally they were known as the Ladybeard when one walked out they rebranded it as Ladybaby in 2016. The characters of the story are, Calliope Rustichel, she is determined to protect her family at any cost. Lucius Rustichel is the eldest child in the family. Robert Rustichel, Mrs Rustichel’s second son . And then is the main lead off our series Ladybaby, Asterias Castillo. The story revolves around the main character of the story Calliope. She has been suffering since her childhood. Sometimes the accidents were the cause of her suffering and sometimes nature’s calamities. She loses her family as they were murdered and she dies in a war. Although somehow she gets resurrected in her past life. Now she wants to grow and find out who are the murderers of her family.


In the previous episode of Lady Baby, chapter 159 we saw Brother Hall getting excited to meet Lippe. As he was excited to see her, he hugged her and left her in shock. But then Sister Elphinny enters the hall. Sister Elphinny asks Lippe to join her and heads towards a peaceful place. But the peaceful place didn’t seem so still last as it turned into a battlefield thereafter. The fight was between Sister Elphinny and Brother Hilbert on their exam results. Sister Elphinny just wanted him to study for his upcoming exam but he then opposes her and tells her to focus on her exams first. Sister Elphinny then reminds him that even if she fails the exam she will still have her Knight license but that is not the case Hilbert.

Meanwhile, the priest that was newly recruited in the Vis temple discusses Lippe’s powers. He claims that she has the power of words and can make anyone follow her commands with just the art of speaking. He wants to make her words her weapon and use them against the enemies. To suggest to her about it, they invite her to a charity function. But Duke finds it fishy and thinks that there is something wrong. So he asks her if she wants to go. And Lippe decides to face it. Duke told her that he will also join her in the charity function and they ended with a cute moment at the end of the chapter.



In the next chapter, we will see Lippe handing an invitation card to Sister Ephiny. Sister Elphinny was glad to see it. Although Brother Hilbert warns them as he knew the intention of the people of Vis temple. The Vis temple’s newly recruited priest was not a nice person. She then tells her that Duke is going to join her too in the function so they can get a little relaxed. However, the joining of Duke makes Sister Elphinny sad. Sister Elphinny didn’t trust him as she sees him as a con artist. But Lippe tells her that she feels safe around him. By the end of the episode, we will see love in the air as Duke confesses her feelings for Lippe, and also she tries to figure out her feelings for Duke.

Ch 160

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