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AYASHIMON CHAPTER 26: [leaked online], spoilers and plot

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For the Ayashimon fans, there is a very unfortunate news. If the recent report in Shueisha magazine, is to be believed, then this manga series has been cut short to only 25 chapters. Due to the low sales of the series, the publishers were compelled to take such a drastic step. Moreover, it is likely that the series will not be transferred to Shonen Jump+ either. Thus, fans finally have to say goodbye to their favorite series by Yuji Kaku.


Is there any chance that Chapter 26 would be coming out? Read further to find out.

Is the Chapter 26 Happening?

In the 26th issue of Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine, it was announced that Ayashimon Chapter 25 will be the final chapter of the manga series. The text which began on November 15, 2021, was led on till May 30, 2022. After its 25 chapters in total were released, it has now finally come to an end. Although it is highly unlikely for the text to continue from here on, however, Mangaka Yuji Kaku has left his creation with a cliffhanger. This could mean that, it might lead to a release somewhere in the future. Thus, the fans are suggested not to lose their hope.

Ayashimon Chapter 26: What Will Happen Next?

As the final chapter of the series ended with a cliffhanger and an ending that no one saw coming. So it can be guessed that Maruo Murao and Urara might be up for their next challenge. For a long time they had been waiting for this moment, and finally, after taking over every villain with their powers, it is now time that they face the main villian boss. Doppo Akari is the main antagonist of the series. And the final panel of the last chapter found Maruo facing Doppo in a close combat battle.


In the battle of guts and souls, the lead had formed a fist with his fingers and had aimed to hit the main villain. Thus, it is likely to assume that there will be only one who will survive the battle. There was a chance that the fans could find closure in Ayashimon Chapter 26., however, it has only remained as a mere possibility only. On the other hand, the panels found Maruo who was proudly claiming that his team of friends would take care of all the obstacles. Although Ayashimo Chapter 25 was a great way to end the series. However, leaving it with a cliffhanger surely hints that a probable future comeback is still there.

Ayashimon Chapter 26: Release Date

Till now there has been no official confirmation about the renewal of Ayashimon Chapter 26. Therefore, there is a high chance that it would take a long time. As it is still at its writing stage, it is hard to pinpoint a release date for the next chapter. Now, fans can hope to see the manga releasing new chapters only when Shueisha announces a renewal.


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