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Tales Of Demons And Gods Chapter 383: next chapter will leave you stunned [leaked manga]

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In Chapter 383 of Tales Of Demons And Gods, Gu Bei will have to deal with Gu Heng on his own. While everybody was in a hurry to get their hands on Nie Li after the previous chapter ended, it was Xiao Lu who saved Nie Li, thwarting their plot. To defeat his rival, Gu Heng again devised a new strategy. While Gu Bei, was patiently waiting for Nie Li, he decides to dispatch a messenger who will look into Gu Heng’s scheme in future episodes. Before Gu clan’s elders are convinced by Gu Heng, he plans to meet them. In near future, Gu Bei will devise a plot for capturing Nie Li. As a result of this, Xiao and Nie are scrambling to locate a spot where they can rest assuredly.

What Will happen in Tales of Demons and Gods Chapter 383?

The messenger sent by Gu Bei will find out who is supporting Gu Heng. Because of this, the messenger would continue his investigation into the elder. Soon after he discovers more about the elder, he then starts to devise a strategy that would persuade him to side with him instead of Gu Heng. Because Gu Bei’s sister was poisoned by him.

Tales Of Demons And Gods Chapter 383

Due to his position, Gu Heng has no right to demand an increase in his salary or any other benefits. But this time, Gu Bei has decided to utilize his position truly against Gu Heng and attempt to deal with the Gu clan’s elders. By that time, Nie Li and Xiao Yu should be safely hidden away. Before they return to their normal lives, they choose a new location where they can relax. Both of them are well aware of the fact that the Gu clan will kill them as soon as they get on the ground. Xiao will be interrogated extensively about the time-space item by Nie.

In the opening scenes of Chapter 382, Tales of Gods and Devils, the divine feather sect friends get engaged in a brawl. They all supported Nie Li, who was the thief of a treasure trove of rivers and mountains. After his defenses were breached, he resorted to wearing grade 6 armor. However, after the assassins closed in, to aid Nie Li, Xiao Yu had to make an appearance. After witnessing them go into the sky, everyone was startled.

Release Date for Tales of Demons and Gods Chapter 383:

Tales Of Demons And Gods Chapter 383

The release schedule for Tales Of Demons And Gods is erratic at best. Generally speaking, new chapters for tales of Demons and Gods are already found online within three days. As a result, the publication date for chapter 383 has been set for June 12th, 2022. He or she will be able to see what will become of Nie Li and how the story ends.

To watch this chapter in English, click on the link below: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yfnOdhlj0Do

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