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Other World Warrior Chapter 201-Hufno works on a New Meal menu !

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The next chapter of the “Other World Warrior” series will bring out more challenges and adventures for Hufno. He is going to work on new assignments that are going to be adventurous. In the last chapter Hufno visited Sapiel and was surprised to see him with a mustache. And wanted to touch them as she finds them cool. But now things are going to be on the devastating side.




In the previous chapter, we saw that Hufno went to see Spiel so that he could give her the meal. When he reaches Sapiel gets surprised as he was there standing with a mustache. Although she found it cool and wanted to touch them. But when she saw him at first she wanted to laugh but she didn’t do so and shut her mouth and said to him to leave until she is done eating. After a while, in the episode, Hufno was thinking about the advice that Paul gave him as a warning that it is not going to be easy for him to win Sapiel’s heart. Hufno then after having a serious talk with himself enters the room to take the leftover things.

When Hufno came back to Sapiel to revisit her, she was telling him that she wanted to touch his mustache. The plan for keeping a mustache to get Sapiel was of Paul. Since Hufno was excited to know that Sapiel wanted to touch his mustache, he rushed to Paul to thank him for his advice on keeping the mustache. Paul then realized that Sapiel is a very simple girl as her personality is loyal and self-disciplined. And she must want a guy who would be loyal, faithful, and respectful to her. When they both had a very long and serious conversation over Sapiel’s personality, the arc shifts and we see the scene of the Spiel room. She then calls Hufno to tell him that The High Lord was coming in the evening time within three days. So she wanted Hufno to cook the best meal he has ever made in his life.


Chapter 201

In the next chapter of Other World Warrior, we will see that Hufno is now having two missions to accomplish. The first one is a very well-known fact, that he wants to impress Spiel. And the second one is to prepare the best meal he has ever made in his whole life for the High Lord. But this was an introduction from the previous chapter too. Now we are going to see that Sapiel is talking about a dinner party to which Knights, guests, and the High Lord are invited. So Hufno has to make very delicious food for everyone. He then asks Spiel to tell him what he should make for the High Lord so he would like it. She thinks for a while and then suggests he talk to Quintum and question him as he could be a better help in this matter than her. While Hufno also shares his suggestions and wanted to cook seafood and shrimp.

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