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Sword Art Online Season 4 : Everything we know so far !!

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Sword Art Online is a Japanese manga series in the virtual reality world. It is written by the writer Reki Kawahara. The story is about the future’s upcoming advanced and dangerous machines. This series tells us how dangerous future machines can be. The anime about technology is known as Sodo Ato Drain in Japan. It is a light novel series that was published in 2009. And was successful. The first season was released in 2012 and became popular. The latest season, season 3, premiered in 2018. Now we all are waiting for season 4 to be released.


The story is about the future and its upcoming technologies. The story shows us that technology has increased dangerously and is completely integrating the game processes. In the story, the first game in VR that was made by the use of this engine is SAO, Sword Art Online. Many gamers joined it through their VR and have no idea what is going to come for them. And are going to be surprised to see adventures that are waiting for them in the virtual world. This game is not like the normal games because once you start it who has to end it there’s no way you can leave it in between. It consists of hundred levels, and a gamer has to clear all of them to exit the game. The scary thing about the game is, that if one logs outs of the game, he or she dies in the natural world. So this made many gamers get trapped.


The main characters in the story include:

Kirigaya Kazuto:- He is a boy who is not good with his words and this is stated by Klein. This means he is a mouth burst and says things directly. So due to his behavior he has quite fewer close friends and also himself loves computers more than anyone.

Asuna:- She is a girl who did not care at all about dying in the game. But this was before she met Kirito. The meeting between her and Kirito made Asuna’s opinions really and drastically different and changed about life.

Alice:- A girl who is a hard worker and determined and wanted to master the Sacred Arts. She is adventurous with a serious personality.

Kirigaya Suguha:- She is the cousin of Kazuto and is the opposite of her. As she is optimistic and friendly. She socializes easily with others.



In the next season of Sword Art Online, season 4 will continue from the arc that ended in season 3 . We saw that Kirito was trying hard to save Alice. And the next chapter is going to be adventurous for him. If you cannot wait for the fourth season, you can read the manga series.

Season 4

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