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Heroines Run The Show Episode 9- check release date and plot

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In episode 9 of Heroines Run The Show, we will see how the show deals with the aftermath of the trio’s interview. In the previous episode, after they won the first prize in the mixed relay race, Yamamoto Kodai interviewed them. But they will be surprised to see the interview in the paper where the fan girls will start getting obsessed about Suzumi having a nice time with the idols.


Thus it seems, that in the upcoming episode, Suzumi will have to prepare for the aftermath of the interview. She will also work on the new album of the idols. They want to be on the countdown list. However, it might create a mess up situation. Will they be able to find a way to deal with it? What will be the results? Without much ado, let’s dig in!

What will happen in Chapter 9 of Heroines Run The Show?

In Chapter 9, we will get to see Suzumi being busy working on their next album. While she has to deal with many things, hiding her connection with the idols is the biggest problem for her. She is well aware of how the fan girls behave, and she doesn’t want to get chased by them. So she will be super cautious about it. Meanwhile, Shibasaki and Someya will work on their new album.

However, something scandalous will happen in their life. It might halt their wish to appear on the countdown list. There is also a possibility that someone will see Suzumi working with Shibasaki and Someya, and they will upload their video on the internet. It will create a problem for Suzumi as the fan girls will start chasing her, thus justifying the title “scandal”.

A Quick Recap!

The previous episode opened with Suzumi giving her name for the mixed relay race. But no one answered when she asked who else would like to join. So their teacher decided to randomly pick some names for the mixed relay race. He picked Shibasaki, Hirano, Someya, and Suzumi, but they weren’t excited about the race.

episode 2

Then we saw the idol place, where both of them were signing their posters and giving an interview. Later the day came, and they talked about their participation in the field day. Eizo-Kun and Yujino-Kun got surrounded by many fan girls. Suzumi also agreed to help Yamamoto Kodai, who is the editor of the newspaper club, when he asked Suzumi to help him capture pictures of the field day. Later when the third graders made fun of Someya, he decided to win the game and give them a lesson. They finally won the relay race.

Heroine Run The Show Episode 9: Release Date

Heroine Run The Show Episode 9 was scheduled to air on June 2, 2022, on Crunchyroll. The release of the new episodes follows a weekly pattern.


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