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Love Of Kill Season 2- [leaked online], check this website for latest episodes

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Love of Kill also popularly known as Koroshi Ai is a Japanese manga turned anime. It is especially for those people who love the concept “enemies to loves”.  So in this article we have provided all the details about the Love of Kill and will there be a season 2?

The story of Love of Kill follows a man-woman who basically kills for a living. Chateau Dankworth is a bounty hunter and her target is Song Ryang–ha. Ryang-ha is also pursing Chateau. But not in the manner, how one would expect from a criminal like him. Although Chateau seems to be his target, but he doesn’t intend to stab him anytime soon. Instead, he gives her gifts in the shape of the people whom she has to find and eliminate.


Even though Chateau constantly declines Ryang-ha’s advances, but she finds herself in a relationship with him. Later developments show that Ryang’s interest may not just be romantic. At this stage even if the characters’ chemistry is not perfect, but it surely could be improved in future content.

Is there a second season?

Platinum vision, the producer of the series, has not confirmed that season 2 of Love of Kill will be aired anytime soon. The present state is too early to know for certain, since most shows renew their series within a few weeks of the end. The possibility of getting a second season is low as Love of Kill isn’t the most popular anime of the season, therefore it might not be prioritized. However, stranger things have occurred, and fans of the anime still have hope.

The current manga on which the show is based upon has eleven chapters. This suggests there’s plenty of material to go around, but ideally those who work on anime might like to have more, especially considering the show’s pace issues.

The Anime Adaptation:

The anime adaptation of the manga has done justice and was very faithful to the Love of Kill manga. But one significant change was the substitution of Indian-kun’s name to that of Jim, for whatever reason.


But the biggest problem was its pace. This anime adaptation was slow and it dragged out every scene, which is a departure from almost all other anime. This may make some manga fans happy, but there were flashbacks and recaps galore that made it annoying. Elaborating on the plot material was unnecessary. There was plenty of source material. During the time when the anime was released, there were already more than 70 chapters in Japanese. Therefore, it would have been much more effective if the anime’s story in the earlier episodes moved faster, and incorporated more of manga’s comedic beats. The anime had just begun adapting Chapter 31 by Love of Kill Episode 10. This meant that the final three episodes would have to cover two volumes at normal pace.


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