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All Hail Lady Blanche Chapter 29-[leaked online] read here now!

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Chapter 29 of All Hail Lady Blanche deals with the aftermath of the heist. In the previous chapter, Mariette claimed that she was the one who had stolen Count Juan’s treasure. But Aunk didn’t believe her. He also told her to leave, but she was saved because her father arrived just in time. Now in the upcoming chapters, we can expect some tense moments between the three of them.

Meanwhile, in the coming chapter, Blanche and Riccardo will go to a safe place to enjoy their freedom. There may be some romantic moments between them. As for her father, he might be caught in a tough situation. Over with Anuk, he will have a heated conversation with Mariette’s father. Well, it seems as if things are going to be tenser in the upcoming chapter.

All Hail Lady Blanche Chapter 29 Preview: What Will Happen Next?

Blanche and Riccardo head to a private place to spend some quality time after they are done with the heist of Count Juan’s treasure. With having everything they wanted, fans might see some romantic moments between them. However, Blanche’s father will find himself in a problematic situation. Now he has to search for Viscount Anuk, who has killed Count Juan. In All Hail Lady Blanche Chapter 29, Blanche’s father and the team will head to the Ramzier empire, ultimately leading to war.

In the meantime, Mariette pretends to have stolen Count Juan’s treasure and tries to convince Viscount Anuk to tie the knot with her. But Anuk is smart and won’t fall prey to her act and calls her worth as a prostitute. Thus a huge fight between Anuk and Mariette’s father can be excepted.

A Quick Recap!

In the previous chapter, Blanche and Riccardo found out that Giacomo’s key was fake. The fake key focused on Don Juan’s treasure door, and it also increased the treasure protection power. So the alarm rang when they were trying to steal the treasure. However, Blanche made a hole in the wall which would give them the access to head straight to the treasure. But suddenly, another warning appeared. It showed that they had to return before the knights arrived there within 40 minutes.

When Blanche found the Lantana kingdom map and military document there, she wondered what could be the connection between the Ramzier empire and the Lupine Kingdom. Later Blanche’s dad got to know that Count Juan’s treasure has been stolen. And someone named Viscount Anuk had killed Count Juan.

All Hail Lady Blanche Chapter 29: Release Date

It was on 27, May 2022 that the last chapter of All Hail Lady Blanche was released. And after that, the author yet hasn’t revealed when we can see the next chapter.

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