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Heavenly Martial God chapter 55: All you need to know.

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Heavenly Martial God Chapter 55 while leaving aside everything is going to expose what will likely happen with the Namgoong Circle of relatives. In the previous bankruptcy, the younger lord was busy as he was training his subordinates. But he was not happy with them making attempts and he thoroughly decided to give them intense training. We know the fact that they aren’t prepared and good with their skills right now, their training is going to include their fights with enemies. In the upcoming bankruptcy, we will see the Cheon-Gok military attacking the Namgoong Circle of relatives. They are going to be betrayed by them. Their infantrymen will damage and get into the mansion and the issues will take a bad turn for the typical folks. Meanwhile, the younger lord will take care of the location. Also, we will see how the intense training goes for him and his subordinates.



In the last chapter, we saw that the second young lord makes up his mind to train his subordinates in some formation techniques. But unfortunately, all the students were in love and were comfortable with their bodies so they just didn’t want to learn the formation and had zero motivation for doing so. This made it difficult to work on their formation techniques. So the young lord wanted to let the subordinates see a near-death experience by themselves. So that they will learn the formation techniques and master their ambiance. He believed that doing so will make them better even without them giving their best efforts.

The young lord then tied the iron ball with their hands and legs and told them to go inside the pool in winter. Listening to this everyone denied it at first and stepped back. They weren’t worried about going to a pool with the iron balls, they were worried about doing it in cold weather since it was winter. Seeing this the young lord was a bit angry and he kicked one of the family members of Namgoong’s family. This made everyone a little frightened and they all jumped into the pool by themselves without wasting any more time. The young lord then commanded them to change their state and make a formation and stick to it till the end.


Chapter 55

In the next chapter of Heavenly Martial God, chapter 55 we will see the Cheon-Gok military soldiers have finally arrived at the mansion. But this was in the last chapter too and everyone was there welcoming them. The twist in this chapter is that they are going to replace their people with military soldiers, and this will be a big threat to the royal family. On the other side, we will see an army of Ninjas that are well prepared to attack the Namgoog family. The Ninjas are not only attacking the family but are there to destroy their whole dynasty. So to keep Namgoong’s family protected the second lord will send his subordinates for them to fight the situation. So here we see the reason why he was so dedicated to preparing his subordinates for the formation techniques.

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