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I shall master the family!! Chapter 69: New Updates

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The anime manga series “I shall Master the Family” is originally a Korean anime. Its author is Kim Roah, and its illustrators are Mon. This anime is adapted from the Light Novel. Its original publishers are Ant Studio, DNC Webtoon, and Kakao. The original webtoon is from KakaoPage, Daum and its Official Translations are in English, Thai, Indonesian, Japanese, T.Chinese also S.Chinese. Its genre is Drama, Fantasy, Historical, Romance, and the New World. This anime also targets the Female group. The anime starts with the great Lombardi family which used to be at the top of the kingdom. After the death of the elder, the fate of the family and that of Firentia, born from a Lombardi and a farmer, fall to ruin at the hands of her futile and brutal cousins. But when she’s reborn as her seven-year-old self, she’ll work to protect the family’s glory, gain her grandfather Lulac’s favor, and stop her own father’s death. In this lifetime, there’s only one way for her to victory become the ruler of their ferocious clan.




In the anime, the Lombardis are an aristocratic family, with the world tree being their family crest, symbolizing eternal prosperity. It is said that the past of the Bamburgh empire was also the legacy of the Lombardis themselves, as it was a Lombardi that crowned the empire’s first leader, Durelli. Reaching the top, the family had gathered an immense fortune, and their influence was incontrovertible grand. They were involved in every war achieved bloodless wins with excellent diplomacy, and supported great artists from all over the empire. As a result, the name “Lombardi” had been carved into every corner of the world.



In the previous chapter, we saw Florentia discussing rumors with Mr. Clerivan. She was thinking about who must have spread those about her father being ill and how they must have done it. But now she is late to stop it and now has to think of any other thing about it. So she decides to talk to Mrs. Seoshou about her father’s illness. Meanwhile, she asks her grandfather, Mr. Clerivan to go to the Imperial Palace. She doubted Belsach for the spread of the rumor. But leaving behind this task, for now, she has to save her family business. She then goes to her father’s bedroom and asks him to write a letter to Mrs. Seoshou. Her father found something different with her than the other days. As she was behaving mature and her behavior was changed, she wasn’t like a ten-year-old girl.


Chapter 69

In the next chapter, we will see Florentia having doubts about Bleach. As she thinks he is connected to the rumors. So in chapter 69 of I shall master the family, we will see him talking to him directly. But the one who spread it was Dr. Omalley, who did it because Florentia was in favor of Estria and not him. Meanwhile, Estria is on her way to finding a new cure for Gallahan. And this time her medicine is going to work. But then Dr. Omalley gets upset as he sees a child get the cure. He will now try to spoil the medicines. Although Florentia is going to take care of all of Bleach as well as the doctor. All she tells her grandfather about the rumors and he will now find the main guy behind all this.

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