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Is Christmas Over In The Duke Of Death And His Maid Chapter 222

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Chapter 222 of The Duke of Death And His Maid Chapter 222 was all set for its May release. The series did face many ups and downs. But things seem to change their course, as Viktor and Alice are finally left alone during Christmas. While Alice has prepared a lovely evening for Viktor, the MC has not come empty-handed as well. Thus, the main couple had special plans for each other.


In the following chapter, we would see Viktor and Alice continuing to spend time together. As the house is empty now, and the duo is finally left alone. Things have begun escalating. The upcoming chapter will likely begin the events on a fresh morning.

The Duke of Death And His Maid Chapter 222: What Will Happen Next?

In the upcoming chapter, we can expect a more romantic atmosphere. While Alice had prepared a lot for Viktor, Victor had not disappointed her either. Taking into consideration each other liking, they got them gifts accordingly. Chapter 222 of The Duke of Death And His Maid will start on a fresh morning and indicate that Christmas is not yet over. While the two of them spend time with each other, Zain would be watching them.

Thus, there will be more scenes with Viktor and Alice together. The couple seems to love and enjoy each other’s company, and getting alone time, seems like a blessing now. Thus, the next chapters might follow more details around the winter holiday.

Previous Chapter Recap!

In Chapter 221 of The Duke of Death And His Maid Chapter 221 we saw began with Viktor being called by Alice. Everyone was returning to their respective home, as the Christmas party finally came to an end. But Alice changed her outfit before she came to see Viktor. She excitedly claimed that Christmas was not over, and the outfit backed up her theory. Then she dug her hands into the bag to take out Victor’s gift. She brought out a handmade knitted sweater for Viktor.


Viktor was in awe of his gift. Then Viktor presented his gift to Alice, he showed Alice a musical score that had her favorite tracks. He also added his songs. She loved his gift. Finally, as the night crawled in, Alice pulled Viktor in. In the final panel, we found Zain looking at them through the glass windows.

The Duke of Death And His Maid Chapter 222: Release Date

It is good news for the fans that, Chapter 222 of The Duke of Death And His Maid has already been released on May 27, 2022. The chapter is available on the official website of the series. Fans can go to the official website and read the chapter there.


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