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Kaguya-Sama Love Is War Chapter 264: Release Date, Spoilers and Plot

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Chapter 264 of the Kaguya Sama Love was published in late May. It was published in Japan on the 27th of May while in the US and other countries on the 26th of May. The fans are always excited for new chapters of the manga and this time the chapter published has allowed fans to think about the new arc that is coming up


Story until Chapter-263

The student committee is making an honest effort to live it up with the President once and for all yet Kaguya is grieved and fights with her sentiments as she needs to invest this energy alone with him.
The current week’s horrendous love fight includes Kaguya and Maki Shijo. The last option was ready to assist Kaguya with getting away from her family’s grip however their contention is solid once more.
Maki is as yet uncertain and Kaguya makes a move to boast about her relationship. After their destructive trade, the fight closes without any victors.
Presently it just remaining parts to see Miyuki and Kaguya’s farewell!

Chapter- 264

Section 264 is another that happens three days before Miyuki Shirogane goes to Stanford.
Kaguya sees that her sweetheart sometimes calls her by her most memorable name, instead of her last name, which is significantly more typical and considered respectful among Japanese peers. This is uncovered to be because, while arranging Kaguya’s salvage, the understudy gathering needed to allude to her as Kaguya, since “Shinomiya” could allude to any of her family members. Miyuki can’t shake off the propensity now, which makes Kaguya imagine that she should track down a more tender method for alluding to him too.

Sadly for all interested parties, she pick Miyuki-chan as a pet name; the one way Miyuki loathed being tended to.

As his better half, Kaguya pulls off it. Chika Fujiwara, in any case, isn’t as fortunate, so she gets the most awful of Miyuki’s irritation, making her the failure of the current week’s fight

While Kaguya and Miyuki have outperformed probably the most troublesome obstructions that defeated their relationship up until this point, it is not necessarily the case that they will not sporadically fret over the more ordinary parts of their relationship in the most gracelessly charming ways.


The fans love the chemistry between the two and love how they are facing the situations that are coming up. The manga not only focuses on their relationship development but the development of each character. The question that has arisen due to the long distance that they will soon be facing has broken the hearts of fans but again they are very much interested in knowing how our strong couple will overcome this and will make sure that love is overall the distance.

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