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Kingdom Chapter 721-[leaked Online] Read The Unreleased Chapters Here

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Looking at how things turned out in the war, everyone starting from Shin to Kanki to Ousen, all the leaders of the Qin army are in sheer shock. None of them had seen this coming that in the end, they would be losing Mouten in this chaos. But this loss only fills them up with more valor and rage against the Zhao men. But it is Shin’s responsibility to maintain their composure. And pulling off the flying wedge formation is also an important act that he needs to perform. Thus, it will be interesting to see what happens after his death in Kingdom Chapter 721.


In the following storyline, we will see that all the leaders from the Qin side will learn about Mouten’s death. Due to this, Kanki will make up his mind which would lead to dismantling his patience. Then in addition to the flying wedge attack, he would make a plan and then charge an attack.

What will happen in Kingdom Chapter 721?

The final panel of the previous chapter was one of the most heart-wrenching outings of the show. We witnessed Mouten losing his life in the direct one-on-one fight that happened between Fuuon and Mouten. The sacrifice of Mouten proved to be a serious loss for Shin and Qin. This particular death is expected to fill the hearts of the heroes with valor. This death would make them want even more to seek revenge from Zhao for taking him down.

Moreover, in the story, we can also see the results of the flying wedge formation. Although Shin’s plan can be said to be a risky one, it surely has got some direct consequences, advantageous or dangerous. Thus, Chapter 721 of the Kingdom Chapter 721 would be an interesting chapter to read.  It is also notable that the Kanki troop has not yet been attacked by Riboku.

Recap of the Previous Chapter!

Chapter 720 of the Kingdom had started with the war. One of the soldiers had an encounter with a young boy named Garo. After the collision happened, the young boy got injured. Then it was General Duke who went up to save him. Shin saw the general approaching him, and hence he started charging at him right then, which lead the man to fall off his horse. Due to this, the other soldiers who were charged for the protection of the leader got angry.

All of them marched toward Shin to eliminate him. And in the end, we could see that there was a direct one-on-one between Fuuon and Mouten.

Kingdom Chapter 721: Release Date

It is good news that Chapter 721 of the Kingdom is already out on 22 May 2022. Fans can catch up with all the chapters of this manga series on the official pages of Kodansha.


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