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Lady Baby Chapter 159: All you need to know!!

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Ladybaby is originally a musical group, known as the kawaii metal music in Japanese. When one walked out of them, then the Ladybaby was formed. And before they were known to be Ladybeard. The story is about our main character in the story, Calliope Rustichel. She didn’t have a good childhood and was full of trauma. And she is still struggling with that. She lost her whole family as they were murdered. After some time she dies too in an ongoing war. But gets resurrected into her past life. And now her only motive is to find the murderers of her family.



In the previous chapter of Ladybaby, we saw Lippe and Sir Dominic talking in the first arc of the chapter. Lippe was telling him that he should be trained as the stigma and he even deserves it. Lippe also tells him that she trusts her. And wanted him to be a knight. This seemed to be attractive to the Demonic. And he thinks that this was the first time when he is meeting someone like that. On the other hand, we saw the priest who was recently added to the Vis temple going to visit the king. He discusses with the king about Calliope opening stigma and training whoever wanted to be trained. And he wanted that to shut down as soon as it could be. The priest suggests the king stay low profile if they have to take her down. The priest himself adds an unnecessary fact about Calliope Rustichel that she just provoked people by singing folk songs. So the king just let go of Calliope Rustichel for now.


Chapter 159

In the next chapter, we will see Lippe meet her brother Hilbert and also want to meet her sister Ephiny. There she meets Brother Hall and he hugs her tightly. But seeing this Hilbert get a little possessive as he was and didn’t like it. This led to the start of the fight as he hit Hall in the face. Because he wants her sister to be safe. On the other hand sister, Elphinny takes Lippe for a tour of the palace and discusses her new folk song that she is going to make with Duke.

In the next arc, we will see Duke planning his next plot and the former priest is going to help him. He planned to destroy the Vis temple completely. And all he wished was to see the Vis temple in its worst position. Duke also wanted to see the kingdom which was in ruins. Elsewhere, Dominic will be busy in the stigma training. And will thank Lippe for suggesting he get trained and be a knight. This makes the king upset and tells his servants to clean the name of the Vis temple.

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