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The Battle of Awaji Island: Orient season 2 – Release Date, spoiler and plot

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Orient is a Japanese manga series which is written by the writer Shinobu Ohtaka and also illustrated by him. It has been serialized in Kodansha’s Weekly Shonen manga magazine since May 2018 but was stopped in the year 2021. And this year in 2022, we are going to see its season 2. Its anime television series was also premiered this year in January 2022 by A.C.G.T. The cast in the story and the anime series are Musashi:- He is a cheerful person and is very caring. He has a friend named Kojiro Kanemaki who is a Bushi along with him. They both are determined. His parents were farmers and they were also friends with the Kanemaki family, thus this made Kojiro too a friend of Mushashi. One day Musashi approaches Kojiro and promises him to be a Samurai one day when they grow up. Kojiro Kanemaki:- He is a self-satisfied, caring, and generous boy. He is self-sufficient and independent since he lost his father. He is a friend and competitive with Mushashi. Mushashi became friends with him since Kojiro encountered him in a sword fight and Mushashi was impressed by his swordsmanship skills. Tsugumi Hattori:- She is a cheerful, generous, and forgiving girl. But sometimes she also is manipulative and uses her body to be the one. Her parents died and now she is with her sister living with Hideo Kosameda. Whenever she is in a fight she flashes the opponent to defeat them. She met Musashi and Kojiro is a desert.


The arcs of the Orient anime is about a fifteen-year-old young boy who is likely to be called Mushashi. The story revolves around the Sengoku period of Japan. The Sengoku period, was when Japan was under the rules of the demons, and samurais were considered to be unmentionable. Mushashi was within a group of young people who were brainwashed to consider the demons their life savior and should be considered as likely to be gods. So one should work for the demons. But, Mushashi unlike others knows the truth and wants to destroy all the demons with his certain super abilities and skills.



In the previous, we saw the introduction of the anime. The story is set in the period when demons ruled. The protagonists of the anime Kojiro and Mushashi have only heard about the demons in the stories that their grandfather told them. They wanted to be Samurais since their childhood and train themselves to be the best with swords. Even knowing the fact that Samurais are taboo in the demon period, they wanted to be the one. But by growing up Kojiro became mad and sabotaged Mushashi. So now Mushashi is all alone. So by the end, we saw him revealing the truth about the demons to the people. Tell people that Demons are evil and not the saviors. He killed them all by himself with his special abilities and skills.



The second season of Orient is likely to be released this year, 2022. We are also updated with the fact that it is going to be launched by July 2022. The title of the second season of Orient is “The battle of Awaji Island”. This confirms the fact that the captain of the Uesugi Band of Samurai has gathered his military to launch a big attack.

Season 2

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