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Unordinary Chapter 266 – Is Blyke Missing In? The plot, Release Date, Spoilers!!

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In the chapter 266 of UnOrdinary the fate of John and Blyke will be revealed. They are hiking with their friends. However, things aren’t just simple as they are suspecting that  Spectre is planning something dangerous against them. Every member of their group is facing some kind of problem, this makes it difficult for them to team up. But can they escape from the situation?

The next chapter will bring a big realization moment for everyone. Seeing Arlo’s message, Seraphina will finally realize that they have played with her. Now she needs to get off the vehicle as soon as possible. In the mean time, Arlo goes to save Blyke, who is trapped on the mountain. Over with John, he does out of control, when he finds that Blyke is missing.


 Recap of the previous chapter!

In the previous chapter, Seraphina went on a mission alone to steal a liquid, but her ability to become invisible was lost. She was asked to leave immediately, when Rowden caught her on the surveillance camera. After she was rescued by Rowden and the crew, she handed them the liquid and asked them to drop her downtown.

Later, when John and the group were enjoying their picnic on the mountain, John suspected that something wasn’t right. there he figured out that it was all Spectre’s set up, and Blyke is getting targeted.

Summary of Chapter 266:

John was lying on his bed at homme, while he remembered the living nightmare Keon and the readjustment facility. John is forced to relive the time that he was betrayed by Claire, only because of Keon. With a jolt and heavy breathing, John wakes up. As he is unable to get back to sleep, and he starts reflecting on the conclusion.  

In the day time, William calls his son to the dining room and observes that John looks exhausted. He enquires if he had any problem in sleeping. When John replies that he had a lot going on in his mind, William advices him to take some rest after having some meal. They sit down to a meal of bacon, eggs, and toast. William mentions that Headmaster Vaughn had given an advance notice that due to disobedience and excessive violence, and requests elaboration, John was being sent back home. John quickly goes into a self-deprecating tirade. He claims that from the moment he activated his ability again, he got lost. Unable to control his temper at this situation, he just lashes out in every direction.

William recalls the first time when John’s ability were awakened. But he could not glow his eyes, while he was trying to show his power to William. Then John dedicated himself to daily training his ability. William noticed that John was proud when he started mastering his ability and it was a mutual feeling. What confused William the most was the stark contrast between John’s attitude then and now.

John exclaims that his ability proficiency is meaningless without the proper guidance which is necessary to keep from losing control. William is left surprised by his remarks that all late bloomers are doomed to fail catches.


John gets up from the breakfast and goes outside. There he passes by several familiar locations. First was the practice spot in front of his childhood home. This was the spot where Adrion was hurt by John, while he was figuring out how to enhance the abilities. Then he walks by his old school, here he attacked a student when he had said that, he did not want John as a king. As John continues to walk, he reaches U-mart where he meets Adrion and there is a tense and awkward atmosphere between them.

For more information, you can see the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lthGR95KtKM

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