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What Will happen In Chapter 37 Of How To Hide The Emperor’s Child?

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The chapter 37 of How To Hide The Emperor’s Child will be dealing with the aftermath of their conversation. In the previous chapter, Astell got to know about their true feelings for Kaizen, after he finally opened up and confessed to her. She was left in awe. She couldn’t believe that Kaizen had spoken about his feelings. But rather than appreciating it, she made it clear that she was not going to stop now. Well, it was an emotional moment for both of them, and the next chapter will tell us more about it.


In the upcoming chapter, we will see that Kaizen feels dejected after he is rejected by the love of his life. So to stay sane and not lose control over himself, he gets himself busy with other work. Amidst all these, he also has a backup plan to win her heart back. Meanwhile, Astell gets busy taking care of her grandfather. there is a chance that she might confront her true feelings and wonder if Kaizen should be given a second chance or not.

In this article we have discussed the plot of Chapter 37, giving a recap of the previous chapter and also the release date for the same. To find out more, keep reading.

What is the storyline of How To Hide The Emperor’s Child Chapter 37?

In Chapter 37 of How To Hide The Emperor’s Child, fans can expect to see more drama between the lead pairs. Both of them face a hard time deciding if they want to stay together or not. Kaizen goes through the self-doubt phase and wonders what did he do wrong, that Astell did not accept his feelings and turned back on her. He unleashes his anger on his subordinates and rethinks his decision of keeping Marquis and Theor in the capital.

In the meantime, Astell rethinks the decision she made. Astell can’t deny the fact that she still has feelings for him, and after knowing that he doesn’t want to lose her again, she feels a bit depressed. She decides to visit her grandfather and have a word with him. Perhaps in this, we can see both of them having a nice chat and trying to mend things up!

Recap of the previous chapter:

In the previous chapter, Kaizen had approached Lady Astell for dance and proposed to her to join him for the first dance. But Astell did not wish to dance, thus she rejected his proposal. However, she agrees after he continuously approaches her. Later after finishing the dance, she requested him to send her grandfather, the Marquis of Kalenberg, and her nephew back.


Their health worsened, and she wanted them to leave the capital. But Kaizen refused her plea and ordered her to stop it there. Both of them had a heart-to-heart chat, and Astell left him alone in How To Hide The Emperor’s Child Chapter 36.

Release date of How To Hide The Emperor’s Child Chapter 37

We have seen that the release of new chapters of How To Hide The Emperor’s Child follows a weekly pattern. So accordingly, chapter 37 will release on May 25, 2022.


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