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Harem in the Labyrinth of Another World: Release and Updates

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The anime series “Harem in the Labyrinth of Another World” is a light novel Japanese series. The writer of the anime is Shachi Sogno. “Isekai Meikyu de Harem o” is its name in Japan and the one who understands Japanese. It started serializing in the year 2011 but ended by the year 2019, it was launched on the website Shosetsuka. It has now published its eight volumes. And now this year, 2022, we are going to see its television anime series which will be premiered by the Passione adaptation probably by July.

The characters of the story include: Michio Kaga is a normal boy from the Earth who with no such known reasons got transported to another world. He is a weak young boy who gets bullied by his classmates in primary school. When he was brought into another world he thought it to be a game and decided to play it that way. Roxanne is a generous girl who likes to do things for others and is helpful. She helps everyone whom she cares about and makes every effort to help a person. She does not indulge in any fights and does not like to make someone her enemy. Even if someone tries to be the one she just ignores it.



The story is about a boy Michio Kaga who is a high school student and has no aim of his own in his life. He was bullied by the other students in primary school and is sabotaged by the others in his high school. He wanders around with no aim of his every day on the internet. But one day out of nowhere and for no specific reason he gets transported to another world. This happened when he was using a Shady website on the internet. He was a different person there as he was a strong man now. He has been given the ability to cheat as his superpower. In another world now he uses his powers to go through adventures, earn a living, and is surrounded by beautiful girls to form his harem.


New season

We have recently heard about the theme song of the anime ” Harem in the Labyrinth of Another World “. The song’s name is titled “Oath” which is likely to be played at the start of the series and the episodes. The main protagonist and the performer of the theme song are Shiori Makoni. She is also the main protagonist of the series and her character is named Roxanne. The second theme song is also going to be launched although we aren’t aware of the performer yet. The second theme song will be played at the last and the name of the song is ” Gentleman’s Deal 600,000 Naal’ although this is the translated name of the original song. The performer will be likely to be revealed soon as the makers have promised but it is yet a surprise for all of us.

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