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Rick and Morty are back again!! check out now

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Rick and Morty is an adult American Science fiction. It has been produced and created by Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon. It has been produced for Cartoon Network’s Adult Night shows. Rick and Morty’s last season was season 5 which ended a year ago so now all we are waiting for is season 6 to show by. The characters of the story include Rick, who is a strange and a total alcoholic insane scientist. He does not like and avoids conventions like school, love, marriage, and family. He has a grandson of 14 years old and he goes on adventures with him. Morty, Rick’s grandson is a kind-hearted boy but can easily be distressed. Summer who’s 17 years old and Morty’s sister. She too follows her grandfather Rick and Morty on adventures. She always worries about her status and wants it to improve and improve.  Morty’s and Summer’s mother Beth is an asset to the family. She is a horse surgeon by profession but is self-conscious. She is also not satisfied with her marriage to Jerry. The reason behind this is that he is an insecure person who does not even like her father’s influence on his family.



The story revolves around the adventures that take place with the members of the Smith family. The family consists of parents Jerry and Beth and they have their two children Summer and Morty, and also their grandfather Rick Sanchez. But their grandfather lives with them as if he is a guest. The family lives out of Seattle in Washington. Their adventures of them are around the realities and are in infinite numbers. The characters travel to other planets with the help of portals and with Rick’s flying car.



In the previous season, we saw Rick is addicted to collecting giant rocks and summer joins him and enables his addiction. So the family became The Family. Meanwhile, Rick tries to save his loved friend. Also, Morty gets a new friend. And Rick was then living a happy anime life, making friends and fighting enemies. By the end of the episode, we saw that Rick and Morty finally returned to the plotline of the series and were now facing the villain of the series, the Evil Morty.


New season

Since the last season, season 5 ended last year in 2021 and before that, we saw season 4 of Rick and Morty in the year 2020. So probably its season 6 will be out this year, 2022. Since we know COVID has a really bad impact on the production houses of many so we aren’t yet assured for its season 6 to come for us. Though we know that the writing part for season 6 should have been completed by now. But its release date and time are still a surprise and suspense.

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