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The Dawn Of The Witch- Is Hort Alive? Find Out In Episode 6

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In episode 6 of The Dawn Of the Witch, it seems as if the trio will be facing a hard time. In the previous chapter, we saw the priest (Dia Ignis Arbitrator), Arbitrator, and Zero setting up a test for Hort, Kudo, and Sybil. But all of them passed the test and later, Zero revealed the reason behind such hostility. While they were enjoying their results, Zero dropped another bombshell on them and assigned them a new task.

Now in episode 6, we will see them dealing with their new task.

The Dawn Of The Witch Episode 6: What Will Happen Next?


In the previous chapter, they cleared the task which was given to them. But their hurdles are not over yet. Zero has assigned them a new task. She gives them the briefing that now they have to run their shop. Three different shops consist of magics and the, need to help the local people.

It seems that Hort, Kudo, and Sybil would be facing some difficulties while trying to deal with the new challenge. In the upcoming episode, Sybil will ask Los and Zero to help him run his shop. There is a chance he might run a sword’s shop while Hort could be busy with artifacts, and Kudo might start a shop that will help others to cast magical spells. Apart from this, the three of them might also have to deal with an impending danger if the village is attacked by some invader in episode 6 of Dawn Of The Witch.

A Quick Recap!

In The Dawn Of The Witch Episode 5, we saw Sybil and Professor Los being trapped in a cave due to the priest who had attacked them from behind. There they had come across a mysterious witch who had cast some magic against Sybil and Los. Although Los tried to save Sybil, her magic was just not enough to let the mysterious witch go. The mysterious witch then attacked Los as well and she fell. So, when Sybil decided to transfer his magic, Los awoke and kissed him. This helped her to absorb their magical powers from him. But that did not seem to work against the witch.


Soon Hort appeared on the scene, whom they thought had died. There Hort told Sybil that it was nothing to worry about, as it was just a test. And Kudo had also passed the test.

Dawn Of The Witch Episode 6: Release Date

We have so far watched a series in the release pattern of Dawn Of The Witch. It usually drops episodes after five to six days.

And it’s good news for the fans that Episode 6 of Dawn Of The Witch has already aired on May 13, 2022. It is available on Crunchyroll. Apart from that, the series has also been streamed on Bilibili TV and Muse Asia.


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