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The return of Yu : Fanfare of Adolescence episode 7

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Fanfare of Adolescence is a Japanese manga anime television series which is produced by the producer Layduce and Aniplex. And premiered in April 2022. The director of the anime series is Makoto Kato. It has yet to publish its 13 episodes. The team Fanfare has written the series that is why it is so-called. Its popular theme song is titled “Move The Soul”. The song is by JO1. And it has an ending song which is popularly known as “Outsiders”.



The story revolves around the three main protagonists of the series, Yu Arimura who started loving horse riding after he saw it once. In Japan, there is a three-year course for becoming a jockey in horse riding and there’s an academy that trains to be the one. The one who wants to be a jockey has to pass a test academically and also a physical and mental one. After Yu Arimura watched the horse riding he too wanted to join the academy. The other protagonist of the series is Shun Kazanami who was from an Island where they can only hear about horse riding over the radio. The last protagonist is our Amane who was born and brought up in England and a high-class family. His father himself is a jockey. So the whole series is about our three boys along with the other students of the academy.



In the previous episode, we saw what happened after the accident of Yu. Yu was enjoying horse riding but then suddenly accidentally fell off and was now incapable of moving his right arm. Yu then gets hospitalized immediately after the accident. Since he was famous, the news spread like fire and the media rushed to him while he was in the hospital to take updates from his manager. On the other hand, the doctors told Yu that he cannot move his arm at all for now and has to take some serious rest. Also, he cannot apply too much pressure on his arm as it can cause more severe problems. He was upset by knowing that he has to take a rest for at least a month and cannot do anything till then. This means he also cannot give the exam. This made his classmates upset too.


Episode 7

In the next episode, episode 7 the starting of the arc is, Yu when he was in the hospital’s bed realizes that he just cannot give up and lie down here so easily as he loves horse riding more than anything. The main problem, for now, was the letter that his manager sent to the academy. Now the only task that is left with him is to think about an idea to give the exam anyway. So he will first start by sending another letter to the academy so that at least he will have a little hope that they will allow him to give the exam.

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