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To Become A Real Heroine Episode 7 – [leaked online]!!!

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Episode 7 of To Become a Real Heroine is already out the last month. This series focuses on Hiyori, who has a great passion for track and field. Now, she has managed to land a job where she would be in charge of the idol group LIPXLIP. Now, it is time for Yujiro and Aizo to help Hiyori, while she continues to fetch the guys’ help. And this is where the last episode had concluded. Putting a hold on their grudges, Yujiro and Lazio have decided and tried their best to redefine their manager. Moreover, the idol duo and the viewers everyone was shocked to see her childhood friend being a guy. So, what does episode 7 has in its bag? Here is everything you need to know.


The following chapter will show us Hiyora meeting with her childhood friend after a very long time. However, so far, we don’t know anything about his intentions. He is the reason why Hiyora remains insecure because he was the one who had claimed that Hiroya could not be a heroine. However, after her transformation, tables have turned it seems.

To Become a Real Heroine Episode 7: What Will Happen Next?

Episode 7 of To Become a Real Heroine Episode 7 will start from where the previous chapter had left. Hiroki had gone to meet her childhood friend, Nagisa, after a very long time. However, everyone was taken aback after they found out that Nagisa was a man! It also seemed as if Nagisa was not a huge fan of the idol duos. He looked at them quite sternly, expressing a dislike. Moreover, the idol duo also reciprocated the same feeling toward him.


Thus, this might lead to a passive-aggressive evening between Hiroya’s friends and professional companions. Hiroya might have to deal with this alone. On the other hand, Hiroya has also met Narumi Mona, who has gained much popularity and is an arc rival of LIPXLIP. The meeting between the two can have two results, either everything goes very smoothly, or Yujiro and Aizo can ruin the friendship between them. But all things apart, Hiroya would be experiencing FT4 live on stage for the first time in the upcoming episode.

Previous Episode Recap!

In episode 6 of To Become a Real Heroine, we saw Yujiro and Aizo were modeling for a shoot. Putting their grudges behind them, they posed together. Hiroya then received a call from her childhood friend, Nagisa, who informed her that, he would come to town to watch the FT4 concert. He invited Hiroya to come along with him. Then we saw Aizo and Yujiro being summoned by the President.

When Hiroyi said she was going out with a friend, the duo helped her to get ready!

To Become a Real Heroine Episode 7: Release Date

The good news for the fans is that Episode 7 of To Become a Real Heroine, is already out on May 19, 2022. The series is available on Crunchyroll.


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