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Yu Gi Oh Go Rush Episode 7- Released Or Not, Spoilers And Plot

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We will continue to see Urban Myths playing a major part in Yu Gi Oh Go Rush Episode 7. Although the person behind spreading those rumors is uncovered by Yudias and the crew, at the end of the episode, still things are quite uptight. But it won’t be wrong to expect that, Yudias will be greatly impacted by this, and he may need some time to overcome this.

Meanwhile, in Yu Gi Oh Go Rush Episode 7, the UTS member will find a way to trace Zwijo and take him into their custody.

Yu Gi Oh Go Rush Episode 7 Preview: What Will Happen Next?

In the previous episode, Yudias got to learn about Zwijo’s shady business. Now in Yu Gi Oh Go Rush Episode 7, which is titled “Can You Name All The Monsters Type,” we will be seeing UTS members coming up with new strategies to capture Zwijo. Even when they had got the monster in their hand, they were not able to catch Zwijo. So now they need Yudias’ help to catch him.


However, Judas had thought that Zwijo was his ally, which wasn’t true. Judas has no clue what happened after the planetary war was over.

A Quick Recap!

In the previous episode, Yudias gets asked about the person they met Yuu. So Yuamu gets to know from Judas that he was Zwijo, the Velgrarian planet’s warrior. He was even superior to Judas. They had last met during a planetary war where Yudias’ life was saved by Zwijo. But they never crossed paths after that. So Yuuhi and Yuamu decided to search for Zwijo, after getting to know all these, but they could not trace him.


While they were discussing their next step, Omano appeared and told them about Urban Myths. Amano revealed to them that there are three Urban Myths who were roaming freely in Mutsuba Town, so they decided to uncover the truth behind this. Additionally, this could also help them land some alien haunting jobs. Each one of them took one case. But Yuamu and Yuuhi failed to solve the mystery. Being disturbed by this, they went to see Yudias, and tell him it was not concrete news.

Yu Go Oh Go Rush Episode 7: Release Date

The good news for the fans who were eagerly waiting for episode 7 of Yu Go Oh Go Rush to come, is that episode 7 is already out! Episode 7 aired on May 15, 2022, at 7.30 am JST. And for the fans outside Japan, it was released on May 14, 2022, at 6.30 pm EST. The short is available on Crunchyroll to watch.


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