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Build Divide: Code White Episode 6-Is Kikka Leaving? Watch Out In [leaked episodes]

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The fate of Kikka and Hiyoko’s friendship will finally be revealed in Episode 6 of Build Divide: Code. In the last episode, their lives turned upside down, when they lost their closest friend. It has been a roller coaster ride for both of them. Kikka went on a self-guilt trip and blamed herself for the loss of their friend. Thinking that she was the bad omen in Hiyoko’s life, she even decided to leave Hiyoko. But fortunately, they sorted it out in the end.


Now in the sixth episode, they have come across a new threat. As we saw, Hiyoko and Kikka patch up in the previous episode, so now together they are ready to deal with any type of problem. However, Hiyoko will be startled to see an old friend returning from the grave. Although Hiyoko would be happy at first, but her happiness was short-lived. Keep reading to know more.

What will happen in episode 6 of Build Divide: Code White

In the finale, Rinpu and Naomitsu were still under the influence of cards’ magic. And due to that, they attacked Hiyoko and Kikka. Even after they returned to the present world, their brain was still trapped in the battle. It was due to the pendants that both of them were wearing. Suddenly, a young woman appeared and broke those pendants, which helped them to return to themself. In episode 6, the makers will tell us more about the mysterious woman who had helped Hiyoko and Kikka.

It appears as if this mysterious woman is none other than Sakura. When she had left Hiyoko all alone, it will be a mystery to uncover, why she has returned. But Hiyoko becomes extremely glad to see her alive and would rush to greet her. But Sakura might challenge them to a battle, which will create some tension between Hiyoyko and Kikka.


A Quick Recap of the previous chapter!

The previous episode began with a battle between Naomitsu and Rinpu against Hiyoko and Kikka. Even though Hiyoko and Kikka had reunited but they displayed quite a lack of coordination in their battle. At first, it looked like Naomitsu and Rinpu would win since Kikka urged Hiyoko to let her battle alone. But Hiyoko was unable to understand why she was doing this.

Kikka summoned Iris against Leopards when it seemed as if they were losing. This tactic changed the course of battle. In the middle of the battle, they had a heart-to-heart chat where Kikka revealed that she blames herself for their loss.

Build Divide: Code White Episode 6: Premiere Date

Build Divide: Code White Episode 6 has already been released on May 15, 2022, at midnight. It is available only on Crunchyroll.


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