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Kubo won’t let me be invisible: Release Date and Update

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Kubo won’t let me be invisible is a Japanese manga series which is written by the writer Nene Yukimori and also illustrated by him. In October 2019, it started serializing in Shueisha’s Weekly Young Jump. It has now been released in chapters in the seven volumes of tankobon by November 2021. And now its anime television series has been announced by Pine Jam.  The characters of the story include Nagisa Kubo the main female protagonist of the series. She is one of the people who can easily find Shiraishi. She is in Haruka North High School in the second year of Class 1 . She loves teasing Shiraishi and is playful by nature. Junta Shiraishi, is the main male protagonist of the series. He lacks his presence as a person so people easily assume him to not be there and overlook him. But Nagisa Kubo finds h easily. He is a classmate of Nagisa Kubo in the same school.



The story revolves around a high school student who has a really simple goal to just live his life fully, Junta Shiraishi. But even a simple task becomes really difficult for him as he lacks his presence as a person and everyone around him fails to notice him and overlooks him. He is considered to skip school whenever he isn’t seen by his classmates in the seat which is considered by them to always be empty. Despite all this, there’s even a stupid rumor spread in the school that whoever spots him will have a great day and fortune that day. But there’s a girl who is his seatmate and can easily spot and recognize him, Nagisa Kubo. But she is playful and often teases him a lot almost daily and puts him in a situation where he feels embarrassed. But with the help of her and her playful behavior he will get to know the fun, she adds to his boring youth life.


Television series

We all know that the Adolescent age is the age we discover a lot of new things both emotionally and physically. So this age brings a lot of wholesomeness to one’s life. The Anime Kubo won’t let me be invisible is going to show the same wholesomeness of the adolescent age in its series. The production house of the Shueisha announced information about the release of its anime series. The makers are not only going to release it on television as an anime series but also have some different plans to do with it. The original manga was popular and loved by many. So just to make it famous again its anime television series is going to be released soon.


The makers of the show “Kubo won’t let me be Invisible”, have announced the confirmation for the release of the show. But there are no such updates regarding when and where the anime series will be going to be released. The only update, for now, is that the anime series will be released on Manga Plus and television.

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