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Lady Baby Chapter 157- Released online, check this to read more

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The Lady Baby manga series is written by Ju Hyeon. Mixing various genres like fantasy, supernatural and romance, this manga brings to you and amazing storyline. Here Calliope has suffered a lot through nature’s law and various accidents. Her family was brutally murdered and she lost her life in an ongoing war. But she time travelled. She came back to the time when she was born! While Calliope growing up again, this time will she be able to figure out who killed her family and stop them before the disaster happens?

With many successful chapters, this manga has now reached its 157th chapter.


In the 157th chapter of Lady Baby, the King might learn more about Vis temple priests. In the previous chapter, we read about someone breaking into the palace and providing the king with some information. The mysterious person appeared in the priest’s attire, and it looked like someone was going rogue. This might have something to do with the vis temple.

In this chapter the king will devise a plan to shut the rumors and would also deal with the priest. With the help of an ally, he might create problems for Lady Lippe. Elsewhere Duke will reveal his feelings for Lippe, which will surprise her. Now she has to deal with Duke’s feelings and also think how this could affect both of their lives.

What will happen in Chapter 157 of Lady Baby?

Lady Lippe and Duke still continue practicing the folk songs in the room. However, there appears to be a heat of the moment. With some hidden intention, Duke is trying to gain Lady Lippe’s attention which can help his majesty. He tries to smooth talk with her. Discussing about her worries and insecurities and pretending to know her more than Sir Dominic, who only knows how to follow her orders. To gain her trust and put pressure on her, he acts as if he is in love with her.


In the meantime, the King continues to deal with the Vis temple priests. He gets amazed by the fact that a 13-year-old caught them. A mysterious person visits the king and telss him the Vis temple priest’s plan. The person seems to have a hidden motive to get some errands from the majesty. But it seems like the situation would be more twisted than it seems.

A Quick Recap!

In Chapter 156 we saw Duke putting efforts to stay alone with Lady Lippe, Sir Dominic did not seem to be in a mood to leave them alone. He considered Duke a pervert and was afraid he could do something terrible with his Lady. However, he had to move out after Lady Lippe ordered him to wait in the next room. As sson as he left, Duke started flirting with her.

Lady Baby Chapter 157: Release Date

Chapter 157 being an important chapter, would would be revealing a lot of the story line, is being awaited by the fans eagerly. So now the wait is over, as Chapter 157 has already been released on May 8, 2022. It is available on Gourmetsscans for the fans to read.

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