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Luminous Witches-[leaked online] here you an watch it for free!!

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Strike Witches (Japanese: Strike Witches, Hepburn: Strike Witches) is a Japanese mixed-media created by Fumikane Shimada through a series of magazine illustration columns. The franchise has since been adopted in several light novels, manga, animated series, and various video games. This series revolves around teenage girls doing dogfights using leg-mounted machines. The OVA preview episode was released in January 2007. The aired anime series aired between July and September 2008. A second season aired between July and September 2010. A film adaptation was released on March 17, 2012, and a three-part OVA series was released between September 2014 and May 2015. A third season aired from October to December 2020.img
A spin-off of the original series titled Brave Witches aired from October to December 2016 and a second spin-off titled Luminous Witches is scheduled to air in July 2022.
Renmei Kuugun Koukuu Mahou Ongaku-Tai Luminous Witches also known as Idol Witches is an upcoming anime featuring a group of witches known as the Music Squadron. The anime was set to be released in 2021, but it was postponed to 2022 due to several voice actors retiring because of health issues.
These girls are members of a unique aviation group that brings peace of mind and healing to the heart of the people who have fought against the Neuroi and the people who were chased out from their hometowns around the world. The exact opposite of the witches of the Joint Fighter Wings who fight to protect everyone, these girls do not fight, they protect everyone`s smiles with “songs and music”! They are the Allied Air Force Aviation Magic Band Luminous Witches. img
On another Earth during World War II, the world was invaded by the power of a mysterious alien known as Neuroy, which took the shape of an airplane and spread a corrosive miasma. As a result, the armies of the world have united to fight the threat of Neuri, rather than fighting among them. Normal weapons do not affect Neuri’s technique, so the army summons a witch instead. Young girls have the magical ability to fight Neuri. Inspired by a famous real-life pilot, the witch uses magic to grow the animal’s ears and tail, flying in the sky using a special machine called a striker unit designed based on a real-life airplane. You can stretch your strength. Of their magical abilities in combat. Following the Suomus Independent Volunteer Aerial Squadron, the light novel series focuses on a female aerial fighter named Anabuki Tomoko. The main franchise of the anime follows Yoshika Miyafuji, a girl from the Fuso Empire. Yoshika Miyafuji joins the famous Strike Witches to investigate the death of her father and help fight Neuri. The anime spin-off series “Brave Witches” follows a fusing girl named Fuso Hikaru who joined the famous Brave Witches in place of her injured sister Takami.


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