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Please Go Home Akutsu-San Chapter 107- Unexpected Twist in Plot, Watch Now

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Please come back this week! Kutsu-san’s latest chapter surprised fans with a whimsical and adorable sequence. In the previous chapter, Acts was at Oyama’s house again. Returning from her trip to the market, she suggested that the weather was getting hotter day by day. Her conversation broke down the way he told her about their first meeting. In the heat of the moment, she finally said she liked him. Go home Akutsu-san Here’s everything you need to know about Chapter 107. Acts said he liked him, but he kept his words clear. Does that mean she doesn’t feel him? Let’s check!

img Please go home Mr. Akutsu Chapter 107: What will happen next?

In the next chapter of Please Go Home, we’ll sort out the turmoil surrounding Acts and Oyama’s confession. After spending time with him, when asked how he felt about Oyama, he answered that he liked Oyama. Well, if that was their intention, or if it was wrong, the only answer to that question is Kaette Kudasai, Chapter 107. But Oyama will surely remember this day for a long time. Fans believe it is unfair for Oyama to respond to confessions with such annoying behavior. Instead, he chose to ignore the problem altogether. Therefore, this whimsical love story may continue in the next chapter. Does Oyama confess his love to women? Only the next chapter will answer.

Summary of the previous chapter!

The previous chapter was a surprise outing for manga fans. This chapter begins with Acts entering Oyama’s room. . Then he said he was afraid of her when she first came to his house. Acts snapped and asked if he was afraid of her anymore. He denied the question. Then she started telling him how she felt when Oyama first met her. She thought he was a kind and withdrawn boy. So she decided to take over his house. But now that they are friends, she didn’t mean to bother him at home. However, she randomly blurred the word “like” to make the conversation awkward. Acts asked him to look away because she wanted to change. This chapter ended with the statement that Acts did not intend to make things a nuisance.



Kaette Kudasai Akutsu-san Chapter 107: Release Date

Fans want Oyama to confess his love in the next chapter as well. However, given the weekly releases, chapters may break. Therefore, this chapter will not be displayed until the second week of May.

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