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Reincarnation of a Suicidal Battle God chapter 49: News and Updates

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The story revolves around the strongest of mankind and its time travel action fantasy. The last survivor of mankind is Zephyr. He believes that even if the demons gave him any opportunity so he will take it, as opportunity is still an opportunity and he isn’t gonna lose any no matter what. He also says that even if the demons wanted to end up dead, he wouldn’t hesitate to kill them. The same happened in the story he defeated demons by which he was sent back 10 years in the past. He thus then ought to destroy every demon that destroyed the human race.


In the previous chapter of Reincarnation of a Suicidal Battle God, we saw the crown princess discussing about how to raid the tomb of the princess Yuridika. She finds out a grimoire that will help her to do the magic and have magic skills in the tomb. She was desperate about it. She recalls the day when someone told her that she should find a way different to be perfect with the magic. Then she tried her magical skills to connect with the crystals and her heir appeared as she wished to see them. On the other hand, we see Zephyr, the last survivor of mankind talking to Ned about a party where all the suitors of Altair will be present in the mansion. And also Zephyr warns Ned to wear both bracelets of mist so that he can protect himself from the strongest ten of Mansion. Zephyr then changes his looks with the help of his transformation techniques, so that he cannot be recognized by anyone at the party. While on the other hand, Ned was preparing himself to meet the demon god worshipers. To find the demon god worshipers he uses a portion of the Scrutiny.


Meanwhile, when they entered the party no one was able to recognize him as he blended easily with the chats about the dragon raid. But then unfortunately a shabby-looking man comes and catches him red-handed. He was disguised as coming to the party and this made Zephyr startled after knowing that. By the end of the chapter, we saw Altair’s strongest knight suddenly appear and challenge Ned for a fight.


In the next chapter of Reincarnation of a Suicidal Battle God, we will see that Zephyr was surprised as it was the first when someone recognized him while he was in his transformed form. Zephyr was disguised as Baron, and the person who recognized him said that everybody knows who Baron is. But still, this made Zephyr go into deep thoughts and he cannot ever imagine a shabby-looking man recognizing him. The one who recognized him can be one of the demon god worshipers, but for now, it’s just a prediction. But he decides to shut his mouth and say nothing.

Chapter 49


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