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The Devil Is A Part Timer Novel – Is The Most Awaited Sequel Confirmed?

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The Devil is a Part-timer is originally a light novel Japanese anime series that was released in the year 2013. It is written by the writer Satoshi Wagahara and is produced by White Fox whereas it is directed by the director Naoto Hosoda. It started in April and released its thirteen episodes by June 2013. And now soon there is going to be a launch of its novel sequel. And it is confirmed that it will be out by the end of this summer. The characters of the story include Sadao Maou, who’s the Demon lord of Ente Isla. He gets transported to modern-day japan as a human. Email Yusa is a hero who has long hair. He forced Satan to come back from Ente Isla to modern Japan so that he can destroy Satan. Shiro Ashiya is one of the Generals of Satan. He was also transported along with Satan to modern-day Japan. He is a loyal general of Satan. Then is Sadao’s high school friend, Chiho. He likes Sadao a lot and has feelings for him.


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We all have been waiting for years for “The Devil is a Part-timer” to return. And finally, the wait has come to an end. The anime series is going to return soon. The creators, production houses, and writers have already started their work on a special sequel to launch soon. Satoshi Wagahara from Japan himself confirmed the return of the series by this summer. By the time of July, we will see a new sequel which is likely to be titled Hataraku Maou-Sama- Okawari. The last novel of Wagahara in the year 2020 didn’t give us proper closure. So the events in the new season are going to continue where it was left in the Novel.


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Satoshi Wagahara not only announced the next sequel to be on its way but also stated the fact that it will continue with the same story that he started in his novel. The launch of the next story is because of how Satoshi Wagahara concluded his story, it got disliked by the people and he even got death threats because of it. So since the people and the fans of the anime series found the conclusion to be hefty for the main story. They all disagreed with the idea of rejecting the Harem Route and chasing the others. The author, Satoshi Wagahara has to come up with another sequel for the same story. So it is concluded to be one of the most obvious and necessary reasons for the return of another novel.

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