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The Fight Club in Lightning Degree-Twist in The Plot that will Leave you Wanting More

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Lightning Degree is a Manga/Manhwa/Manhua in (English/Raw) language, Action series is composed by Awin, Galanthorn, and Wuzhou. This Comic is About Ryu-Yeon
Ryu-Yeon lost his dad to an infection when he was just 10 years of age. With the ability he gained from his dad, he could cut the wood into superbly many-sided figures. At some point, in the wake of finishing the models for his folks, Ryu-Yeon was welcomed by an old man who was dazzled by his figures. The elderly person saw guarantee in Ryu-Yeon and inquired as to whether he might want to turn into his supporter. As Ryu-Yeon had no place to go and needed to take advantage of his life, he acknowledged the elderly person’s proposition.

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Lightning Degree Chapter 121 will manage Mo Yong-Hwi’s crazy propensities and how they will bring him inconvenience. In the past section, everybody chose to partake in the three lord competition to turn into the champ of Cheonmuhakgwan. Be that as it may, Jang-hong redirected them from their primary rationale. Presently as opposed to chipping away at themselves, they are occupied with satisfying Jang-hong’s desire.
Presently in the following section, Junho will battle to conclude whether he ought to give his cash to Jang-hong. Notwithstanding, he will decide soon. In the interim, Bi Ryu-Yeon will be occupied with planning for the subsequent round. In any case, it will not be simple for him, particularly when sworders all over the country are coming to partake in it.


Chapter 121

Junho would rather not give his cash to Jang-hong, which his lord gave him to use in a crisis. In any case, after seeing everybody coordinating to organize cash for the wagering, he chooses to give his pack of cash to Jang-hong. However, destitute individuals had no clue about Jang-hong’s secret goal. In Lightning Degree Chapter 121, Jang-hong will uncover to somebody about his arrangement to utilize this cash against these children. In the interim, it would be hard for Mo Yong to discover some cash. He attempted to ask his student, however, he will not have the option to give him cash.
In the interim, Bi Ryu-Yeon will plan for the battle. Still up in the air to take part in Sword King Battle and will deal with his abilities to hone them for the fight. However, Mo Yong will meander around as opposed to planning for the Holy War Battle, he will be in the middle of bringing in some cash. Further, it seems like he will encounter his adversary, and she will attempt to pound the life out of him. Yet, some way or another, he will avoid her assault and pass on her to scowl.

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