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Tomodachi Game Episode 7-Tenji do not Likes Shiho!! [Leaked Online]

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Tomodachi Game is a Japanese manga series which is written by the writer Yuki Sato and also illustrated by him. But the concept behind this anime series was of Mikoto Yamaguchi. It started serializing in the year 2013 on Kodansha’s Bessatsu Shonen Magazine. Its television drama was also premiered in the year 2017. And its anime television series adaptation was by Okuruto Noboru. The main characters in the story include: Yuichi Katagiri , the main protagonist of the series. He is a normal boy from high school and belongs to a poor family background . He was called up for a Tomodachi Game along with his friends . Tenji Mikasa who is one of the participants from the Tomodachi Game and also Yuichi’s friend . He is really intelligent and calm by his behaviour. Shiho Sawaragi , another participant from the Tomodachi Game and she is also friends with Yuichi. Her father is a policeman which makes her competitive and tough by nature. She also has feelings for Yuichi.




The series Tomodachi Game revolves around the main male protagonist of the series , Yuichi Katagiri and his friendship . Who from his childhood has learned how to value friendship . He is thankful to all his four friends that makes his high school memorable and fun . One day all five of them were put to game called The Tomodachi Game to repay a debt . The reason for which they were put to the game was that the school trip fund of their class was stole by someone. So now all they have to do is to play the game and get rid of the debt that wasn’t even their .



Episode 6

In the previous episode, the Tomodachi Game began and all the players were brought to the terrace. The game was to identify who the traitor was so Yuichi and his friends discuss to identify and we came to know that Yuichi gave his all of the mind to identify that . Yuichi gives them an idea to use the eliminate process if they have to find the real traitor. By the elimination process we get to know that Tenji was the one who was betraying. But still he didn’t agree with the allegations on him . Yuichi claims that Tenji is the only one who has enough good reasons to betray everyone. By the end of the episode we saw that Tenzi was behaving more strangely than before . He told everyone that the only thing he was looking for was to qualify for the next round of the game . He also reveals that he likes Yuichi and not Shiho .



Episode 7

The confession of Tenzi has made the arc to turn differently now in the next episode of the Game. The next episode is going to start with the opening of the next round . Tenji makes it clear that no matter what happens he isn’t going to be eliminated in the game . And it is also the only reason that he betrayed and lied in the previous round. The next episode will mainly focus on the reaction of Yuichi after Tenji confessed his feelings for him .

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