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Teasing Master Takagi San Chapter 160 [Leaked online] Read here

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Prodding Master Takagi-san is a Japanese manga series composed and represented by Sōichirō Yamamoto. The series includes the day-to-day existence of Takagi, who loves to prod her colleague Nishikata, and Nishikata’s bombed endeavors to get back at her. In North America, manga is authorized by Yen Press.

An anime TV series by Shin-Ei Animation broadcasted from January to March 2018. A unique video activity (OVA) was delivered in July 2018. A subsequent season was broadcasted from July to September 2019. A third season was broadcasted from January to March 2022, and a film debuted on June 10.

Having a companion that knows everything there is to know about you ought to be something to be thankful for, however for Nishikata’s situation, the inverse is valid.

His cohort Takagi loves to prod him consistently, and she utilizes her broad information on his way of behaving to foresee precisely the way that he will respond to her prodding, making it almost incomprehensible for Nishikata to at any point get back into the game. Despite this, Nishikata promises to some time or another provide Takagi with a painful but much-needed consequence by making her blush out of humiliation from his prodding.

In this part, Nishikata welcomed Takagi to go out on the town with him. Nonetheless, the end board of the part made it plain that it was only a joke.

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Plotline till Chapter 159

From the start, nothing appeared to be not right in Teasing Master Takagi-San Chapter 159. In any case, it became obvious as the story advanced that Soichiro Yamamoto was tricking the peruser. That is right. “Admission” was the title of the last section.

Nishikata was in his room only a couple of days prior. To his shock, he was unable to quit pondering how ravishing Takagi looked that day. He was unnerved that the young lady who provoked her all day had eyes for him.

Along these lines, the accompanying stage during the time spent like was saying such. He welcomed her and remained before her as they strolled to school the following day. To which she concurred, and they went on their most memorable date. A board shocked fans with an April Fools trick.

As per the last part meeting, this would occur in another 300 pages.

The plotline of Chapter 160

Teasing Master Takagi-San Chapter 160 began with two or three variety pages showing Takagi in a disabled state. Nishikata strolled into her home with the reason of giving over task papers. She said thanks to Nishikata to drop by to mind her. He asked her how the fever was currently. Takagi answered that she was feeling improved and she could likewise come to school the following day.

Nishikata kept the gifts in a single spot and started to leave. However, at that point, Takagi inquired as to whether he came as far as possible from the school just to sit for a couple of seconds. She then got some information about the test at school. After a touch of discussion, she admitted that it was desolate for her to be at home without him. Takagi nodded off during the discussion. The part concluded with Takagi finding a note abandoned by Nishikata.

First date

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