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Build Divide : Code White episode 6-Hiyori To The Limit!!! watch now

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Build Divide: Code White is a Japanese manga series and a mixed media project. Which is created by Aniplex Yuhodo, Homura Kawamoto, Liden Films, and Hikaru Muno. It has its own card game which was held in October 2021. Also in the same month, it released its anime television series. The characters of the story include Teruto Kurabe the main male protagonist of the series Build Divide. He wants to complete his wish for Sakura and destroy the king. He is also the elder brother of Kikka. Kikka is the main antagonist of the series. She is the king in the story and the younger sister of Teruto Kurabe. Hiyori Tori, meets Sakura and Teruto and becomes their kid sister from then and is finally enjoying her life. Sakura Banka is a mysterious female character in the story who brings out the information about Build Divide to Teruto Kurabe. She is just a soul.



In the previous episode, we saw a face-off between the team of Naomitsu and Rinpu against the team of Hiyoko and Kikka. Even after joining the forces, they both lacked coordination with each other during the fight. By the start of the fight we saw Kikka wanted to fight the battle alone and convinced Hiyoko, this made clear that Naomitsu and Rinpu are going to be the winners. This made Hiyoko think about why she is doing it. When it becomes obvious that they are going to lose, Kikka turns the table immediately and summons Iris against the Leopards. This surprised everyone including Hiyoko so she made up her mind to confront her. In the middle of the battle, they both had a deep conversation in which Kikka was sorry for being a reason for their loss. But Hiyoko clams her down and tells her that there won’t be any grudges against her from the side of Sakura. After all this, they both promised to stay by one another always and forever, and win the battle in the end.


Episode 6

In the next episode of Build Divide, we will see that Naomitsu and Rinpu are still under the control of the card’s magic. That is making the charge Kikka and Hiyoko. Though we will see them returning to the present world their brains were still trapped on the battlefield. But out of nowhere a young woman came and broke Rinpu’s and Naomitsu’s pendants that they used to wear. Which broke the influence of the card magic. But Hiyoko wasn’t able to find out who she was. In the next episode, we will see who the mysterious woman is. We will come to know that the woman was none other than Sakura herself. She left Hiyoko to live all alone but now we will see the reason behind her return. It cannot be guessed the reason why she returned so for this u have to see episode 6 completely. Hiyoko we will be really happy to see her and know that she is still alive. Then we will see Sakura challenging them in a battle. This can make a problem again between Kikka and Hiyoko, and Hiyoko may ask her again if she still wants to stay with her.

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