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Deaimon Receipe Of Happiness Episode 6-[leaked online] check out the latest Episodes

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Episode 6 of Deaimon: Recipe For Happiness will finally deal with Nagomu and his loss. In the previous episode, Nagomu got the letter which then worried him. So to see his dying father, he had to rush to his home. But the family was dealing with the death of his grandfather. So now Nagomu has to deal with the loss alongside preparing himself for the next challenge.

In Episode 6, we will see Itsuku facing a new challenge as her mother appears. Her mom joining the show in the upcoming episode, can prove to be difficult for her and could create more problems for her. Meanwhile, Nagomu’s grandmother will also appear in the show. She believes in spoiling the kid, and when both Itsuku and Nagomu’s mom and granny join them, things are going to turn problematic for the kids.

Deaimon: Recipe For Happiness Episode 6

What will happen in episode 6 of Deaimon: Recipe For Happiness?

Itsuka has got plenty of information about Nagomu and Kanoko. However, Mitsuru has no idea that Kanoko and Nagomu has been dating, and neither Kanoko knows Mitsuru has crush on Nagomu. Thus Itsuku gets affected when by seeing Kanoko and Mitsuru bond together. However, things are sure to take a deadly turn, when both of them discover each other’s true feelings for Nagomu. Meanwhile, Nagomu is currently at his home, weeping over his loss.

So to deal with his family loss and then with the aftermath of both their feelings, can prove to be hard on him. Apart from this, Itsuku’s long-lost mother will also appear in this episode. Even Nagomu’s grandmother’s return will follow and it will bring the “spare the rod, spoil the child,” theory. Thus she might spoil Nagomu and others.

Deaimon: Recipe For Happiness Episode 6

A Quick Recap!

In the previous episode, we saw Kanoko meet with Itsuka and Mitsuru when they were on holiday. So, Itsuka decided to have lunch with both Kanoko and Mitsuru. While Itsuku was worried about the bonding of Kanoko and Mitsuru, both of them quite easily bonded over Japanese stories, leaving Itsuka bewildered. Meanwhile, Nagomu rushed home after receiving a letter, when he thought it was his father, but actually, the service the family held was for his deceased grandfather.

Meanwhile, Itsuka believed that she was the only person who knew about Kanoko and Nagomu’s relationship. They have been dating each other.

Deaimon: Recipe For Happiness Episode 6

Deaimon: Recipe For Happiness Episode 6: Release Date

We have good news for the fans. Episode 6 of Deaimon: Recipe For Happiness has already aired on May 11, 2022. The episode had finally revealed the fate of Kanoko, Mitsuru, and Nagomu.


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