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Gaikotsu Kishi-Sama, Tadaima Isekai E Odekake-Chuu Chapter 50 [Leaked]

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A gamer played computer games, once he nodded off while playing and when he awakened, he regarded himself as in the game world — as a skeleton! Furnished with the strong weapons and protective layer of his symbol yet stayed with its terrifying skeletal appearance, Arc needs to track down a spot for himself in this new, fantastical land. Every one of his expectations for a calm life is run when he encounters a delightful elven fighter, setting him on an excursion loaded with struggle and experience.

The episode was released on May 20th. The show never follows a definite pattern of releasing its chapter therefore the fans are usually checking up for the new chapter. Whenever a new chapter arrives they cannot hold their excitement but since there is no definite pattern the manga has lost quite several fans too.

Episode 6 snippet

Precap of Chapter 49

In the past part, Arc-Kun and her kindred mate were caught in the edges of a woodland where a goliath beast obstructed their direction. Somebody encouraged them to kill one another, yet they would have rather not left their companion, Luca, alone. In the wake of hearing the name, the goliath beast began acting apathetically and transformed into a mythical person. The individual caught the mythical person and put a gadget made by Humilitas and the realm in her body. In the meantime, at Branbeina, Carty explored the mystical monsters’ meat pieces. He found that the Hiruku Holy Kingdom was arranging something which could obliterate the mythical being.

In Forest Capital Maple, Arin-chan got prepared by Nee-san. They were preparing for seven days. Before long Nee-san uncovered that she had excelled at utilizing a sword. Presently they ought to make a beeline for a higher level. So Nee-san told Arin-chan that now she expected to evade the water enchantment, which she effectively did. Later a murmuring bird showed up. It gave them refreshes about the nearby terrains and how things were happening there. After hearing that, Arin-chan and Nee-san chose to visit those spots to see what was the issue with them.


Chapter 50

Gaikotsu Kishi-Sama, Tadaima Isekai E Odekake-Chuu Chapter 50 will zero in on the puzzling animals that abruptly showed up. Carty found the connection between the puzzling animals and the Hiruku Holy Kingdom in the past section. Presently he could get some assistance from Arte to reveal this secret. In any case, it isn’t generally so basic as it appears. Things will be inconvenient for them to bargain with. Arin-Chan and Nee-san will go to the backwoods to see those strange animals. They will choose to get a check with Arc-Kun and her buddy and how they wound up in a hopeless circumstance. In any case, it seems like they will run into the beasts and make issues for themselves.

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