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Is Chapter 223 Od World Trigger Out? Get The Full Details Here!!

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There is yet another unfortunate news for the fans of the World Trigger manga series. Even though this information is bound to sadden the fans further, but this week, it has been confirmed by the makers of the manga that, even this month we won’t be able to see Chapter 223. Once again, for May, the makers have decided to run it on a break for the May month. So, why is the chapter being delayed? What is the new release date? Here is everything you need to know about the chapter.


In the previous year, we have seen that, out of the twelve scheduled releases each month, only nine made it to the table. Fans are worried if the same circle is going to repeat this year as well. But still, they are clinging to the hope that there might not be any more breaks in the release.

World Trigger Chapter 223: Official Delay Announced!

This week, the official Twitter account which handles the World Trigger manga released a note which had all the details about the release of World Trigger Chapter 223. The tweet read that the June issue of Jump Square will not be released this week. The reason behind this delay was due to the poor physical health condition of the author Daisuke Ashihara.

This was not the first time that the makers have not released the chapter on the due date. Along with the postponement news, the new date on which release the next chapter would be released was also mentioned in the tweet.

The uncertain breaks of the manga:

Long discussion threads leading to the future of World Trigger manga are taking place on Reddit and other social media platforms. Apart from the delay of Chapter 223 of World Trigger Chapter 223, there were many other times that fans were kept waiting for the manga. In the past, the text has been released long breaks one after the other. The most recent break in the same row was back in January 2022. Before this, the makers of the manga also took gaps in March, May, and November of 2021.

The fans are worried that if such types of breaks continue, and if the health condition of artists does not get better soon, then this manga may never get to see a conclusion in the future.


World Trigger Chapter 223: Release Date

As announced on the Twitter handle by the magazine itself, the release of Chapter 223 has been delayed to the next month. Going by the official calendar of the manga, the next issue of Shueisha’s Jump SQ magazine will have its launch in June.

Now Chapter 223 has been released.

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