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Is Golden Kamuy Chapter 315 Out? Check Out Now

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Golden Kamuy is a manga series written and illustrated by Satoru Noda. Being released in 2016, this manga series has won nine Manga Taish awards till now. Until April 28, 2022, the manga had decided to launch the final chapter in the series. Now, fans are waiting to see the next project which is in line. Last year, Geno Studio created an anime television adaptation of the series which was aired from April to December. In 2020, a third season was also got released which was shown till December, starting from October. It is scheduled to return with a season four, in the October of 2022. The licensing for the English language distribution has been acquired by Viz Media in 2016.

With each passing day, the queries relating to Golden Kamuy Chapter 315 are increasing. Fans who had been waiting to read the conclusion of the story are now looking forward to reading a new chapter.

Golden Kamuy Chapter 315: Last Art By Mangaka


In commemoration of the conclusion of the story of Golden Kamuy, Satoru Noda had craved out the best plan in his mind. This week, the artist took to his social media accounts and shared with the fans a memorable art from the manga. Created by the Hokkaido-based artist, this art showed a snow piece. Eventually, it was revealed that the entire art on the bare snow, was done by the man using only his foot to trace it. The dimensions of the piece are 100 x 70 meters. Moreover, the title of the work is “The Snow Comic.”

When this effort came to the notice of the manga author, he willingly took charge of sharing it with all of the fans. The picture of the art was shared as an advertisement in Shinagawa and Shinjuku in Tokyo. In addition to that, fans all over the world are in awe of the artwork and are continuously praising and applauding the work.

What Is The Future Of The Manga?

As per the last update that we got, there has been no news about the return of the Golden Kamuy manga till now, let aside Golden Kamuy Chapter 315. The only project which has received the greenlit for a go is the live-action project. But, as per the latest update, even this project seems to be under the speculation radar. Thus, it can be assumed that the manga has bid the final goodbye to its fans. But, the only good news among all the chaos is that, even though the manga is over, there are still more anime seasons to come in the future.

Golden Kamuy Chapter 315

Golden Kamuy Chapter 315: Release Details

As of now, no specific updates for Chapter 315 has been given.


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