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Kingdom Chapter 719 : Precap and Release

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The anime Kingdom is heading towards a perfect sequel of the war. And soon in the future chapters, we will be seeing some good actions. For now, when we talk about Chapter 719, the anime fans are waiting to see how Riboku will act when he gets to know that the entire plan has changed. Riboku didn’t expect that Saiki would arrive and that too from Shin’s side.  Then in the story out of nowhere the army of Qin is arriving on the other side with a huge number of members. So the next chapters are going to be the face-off between them. So the following details are about chapter 719, all that you want to know.



Before we talk about Chapter 719, let’s talk about 718. We saw the growth in the reaction of every single person sitting in the reaction panels people sitting for their indulging attitude towards the war. Riboku took an advanced decision of facing a war off with Kanki out of nowhere. This happened because of Shin, who decided to cross and move to the left side.  Riboku somewhere had a hint of the smartness of Kanki and knew Kanki was able enough to develop a victory against anyone who is a danger. This had a shocking impact on everyone, especially one’s like Shivani who only cared about the winning part of it and did nothing about saving lives. She revealed strategies to the pack of his army soldiers. Also, Nakis, Hinshin’s men, and the Gakuka army came together. Then after we saw the clash between the Northeastern army of Qin and the Right-hand army of Zhao. The chapter ends with a shock for all, especially for Shin as Saika’s army has arrived from his side on the battlefield.


Chapter 719

In the next chapter of Kingdom, we will see now when Saika has arrived with his army this made Shin a little relieved. They even had faith that they could still win the battle when they were trapped on the Xi’an front. Riboku has been experienced in the war for years now. So he has a lot of strategies for every situation. But the only thing that he wasn’t able to guess was the arrival of the army of Saika during the Battle against him. Now when chapter 719 of the Kingdom anime comes to an end we see how the battle against, the Right side of Zhao and the Northeastern front side of Qin, has finally begun. Chapter 719 will give us all the updates about the war. Since Shin has an upper hand in the war as Saika’s army has arrived on his side. Whereas Riboku won’t stop either and will play some of his tricks from his experience in the battle. Now all the fans including us are waiting to see what will happen from the Kanki ‘s arrival on the battlefield.

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