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Rpg Real Estate Episode 6-check Out The Latest Wpisode Now

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The RPG Real Estate anime series had a great start when it was released. The full form of RPG is Rent, Plan, and Guide. It is a Japanese four-panel manga series, which is written by Chiyo Kenmotsu. Now this series is lined up for its Episode 6 release. This episode has hinted at a secret about Fa which is likely to come out real soon.

Last it was shown that the group of four went to the beach altogether, trying to find a place so they could live together. But they headed back to the office when failed miserably. It appears that things have changed, and the Dark Lord is back.

In the following release, as the girls continue to have a fun time with each other, at the same time, things continue to get complicated. Much information about their own identities will be revealed. Moreover, the truth behind Fa will also come across.

RPG Real Estate Episode 6

What will happen in Episode 6 of RPG Real Estate?

Kotone chooses to sleep with her in the previous episode, being afraid of the fact that Fa might be the Dark Lord. When she looked at her from across the night light, she felt a change in her aura. It is in Episode 6 in the events of the night which they spent together, will be revealed. Only the Dark Lord and Fa can understand both human and demon languages. Hence, the possibility that both of them would be the same person, can not be ruled out. But no solid evidence is found yet.

RPG Real Estate Episode 6

Previous Chapter Recap!

In episode 5 of RPG Real Estate, we saw the group heading towards a beach. Kotone had got them there to search for a house to live in. During the daytime, the girls indulged themselves in many games there. They even played house with Fa. While the group was having fun, Fa overheard a cry for help. When the group searched for where the sound came from, they found a crab crying. Rakira instantly wanted to cook the sea creature. But Kotone used him to find the location of the house.

All of them entered the ocean after drinking the potions that the owner of the house left. The house was underwater. It was beautiful and left everyone spell bounded.

RPG Real Estate Episode 6

When is the release date of Episode 6 of RPG Real Estate?

There is good news for the fans as Episode 6 of RPG Real Estate has been released on May 11, 2022. The episodes are available on Crunchyroll and Netflix, fans can watch them there.


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