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Shin Kamen Rider Movie: Update, Plot and Release

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Shin Kamen Rider is an undergoing Japanese superhero movie which is written by and also directed by Hideaki Anno. It is produced to celebrate the 59 years of Kamen Rider, as it started originally in the year 1971. The cast of the movie is Sosuke Ikematsu, who will be playing the role of Takeshi Hongo. He will be transformed into a cyborg Batta Augment 1, Kamen Rider in the story. Minami Hamabe who will be playing the role of Ruriko Midorikawa. And the last main cast is Tasuku Emoto who will be playing the role of Hayato Ichimonji. He will transform into the second Augment, Cyborg Batta, Kamen Rider. The movie is set to be released by the year 2023.


Latest Updates

We have to wait a lot more for now to see the Shin Kamen Rider Movie. The movie isn’t going to be released before its scheduled time. It is based upon the original series of the Kamen Riders. We know that the trailer has been released a lot before the actual release of the movie, i.e in September 2021. It was released in the event of promotion of the production. We also saw all the characters with their original costumes that they will wear in the movie. It has also released another trailer but it is kind of the same as before. The trailer of the Movie Shin Kamen Rider is not an original idea as it is going to be just a remake of the original series of Kamen Rider, 1971. The only new thing in the story is the casts of the characters and their costumes. Also, the bike of the Kamen Rider will be upgraded. The sound effects are also however going to be changed for the bike and background. The trailers mainly focused on who and how the villains are. The villains are also not the same as in the original series, although the fights between the characters can be the same.


Kamen rider movie

Shin Kamen Rider Movie is about an organization that works as evil. The main character of the movie is Takeshi Hongo. He gets kidnapped by Shocker, who runs the evil organization. Shocker transforms the body of Takeshi to another level of supernatural powers so that he can use him against the world. But they weren’t able to do what they thought as Takeshi runs away from them.  Takeshi then ought to bring out the real and actual intentions of Shocker and starts to ride a bike to do so. Thus this made him a Kamen Rider. With the help of his supernatural powers, he wants to make the world a happy place to live in peace. Also in the trailer, we saw another Kamen Rider other than Takeshi. It isn’t sure yet whose side he is going to be and fight for. So all we have to do is now have patience and wait for the movie to be released.

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