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Demon Girl Next Door season 2 episode 6-Vow Under The Setting Sun! The Path Foward for the Demonkind

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The next episode of the Demon Girl Next Door is already released in May 2022 and you can watch it on any official website which gives us the anime. Till now everyone especially the fans are loving and appreciating the storyline. There may be a few more requirements from the fan’s side but overall the show is being loved by all as it’s the original series. Last week was all about Yuko and her past. Yuko went to her past because she wanted to erase the memories of meeting Sakura. But now she wanted to undo the things she did. In this episode, Yuko wants to know the reason behind the obsession with eating Lico’s enchanted food. Due to this, she is forgetting her memories. All of us and especially fans are waiting to see how she will manage in such a short time.




The previous episode of Demon Girl Next Door was titled “Raid ! The Pink Plan To Retake Shamiko !”. The start of the episode was with the meeting of Shirosawa and Yuko. She was talking about Sakura and she remembered meeting him ten years ago. She also talked about Mascot, the character who came to life because of her and mentioned the same ten years ago concept. Also, it became evident that the original core of Sakura is Ryou. Meanwhile, in the second arc, we saw Yuko talking about a cat that she saw when she was in the hospital. She then uses her power of telepathy to go back to the same time when she saw the cat. So then she erased her memories of meeting with Lilith. At the end of the episode she was saved by Sakura once again and she saw that.


SEASON 2 episode 6

The next episode, episode 6 of Demon Girl Next Door is to be titled “Vow Under the Setting Sun! The Path Forward for the Demonkind .” As the title itself says a path forward, this implies that Yuko is finally moving on from her memories after eliminating each of them. The things that before had now changed, she still remembers the time when she met Lilith. So now Demonkind’s future is left over with very few hands involved. Episode sixth of Demon Girl Next Door season 2 is all going to open up new characters or heroes who will believe in the fact that Yuko hasn’t met Sakura in the past ten years and the last she met him was ten years ago. But now because of the memory loss, she is obsessed with eating recklessly the amount of Lico’s enchanted food. So this chapter is also going to show us how she will manage to come out of the situation before she starts forgetting every small thing. We will see how she will do this all in such a short period. As it is only a short time for her to be away from her total memory loss.

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