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Golden Kamuy Chapter 314 [Leaked online] check out for latest updates

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Golden Kamuy is a Japanese manga series composed and outlined by Satoru Noda. It was serialized in Shueisha’s seinen manga magazine Weekly Young Jump from August 2014 to April 2022, with its parts gathered in thirty tankōbon volumes as of June 2022. The story follows Saichi Sugimoto, a veteran of the mid-20th century Russo-Japanese War, and his mission to find a tremendous fortune of gold from the Ainu public, helped by a youthful Ainu young lady named Asirpa. The Ainu language in the story is administered by Hiroshi Nakagawa, an Ainu language etymologist from Chiba University.

The plot of the manga

The story happens as a consequence of the Russo-Japanese War, principally in Hokkaido and the encompassing districts, specifying the some genuine political, mechanical and social advancements of the time; a few critical pieces of the series, like the person Hijikata Toshizō, are fictionalized variants of genuine individuals and occasions. An explicit center is given to the native Ainu individuals and their way of life, for example, investigating their language and how they consciously utilize all pieces of nature to thank the Kamuy that they accept give them. Later pieces of the story additionally investigate the various subcultures inside the Ainu, and the difficulties they endured by being trapped in Japanese-Russian regional contentions. The plot additionally investigates the serious battles of troopers and war veterans, with moral vagueness, survivor’s responsibility, honor, repentance, and righteousness morals being normal topics.

The Book Cover

Precap of Chapter 313

Chapter 313 of the manga began with Sugimoto conveying his last blow over Tsurumi. In any case, in a counter-assault, Tsurumi wound up cutting the string that was holding the bunch of Sugimoto. This brought about the fingers of Fina and Olga tumbling off his jacket. Asirpa saw the fingers and rushed to get them. Yet, the fingers slipped and got squashed under the train tracks. Brilliant residue emerged from everywhere the pieces.

Simultaneously, Asirpa additionally lost her grasp and sneaked off the train’s entryway. Sugimoto raced to save her. However, Tsurumi disrupted the general flow and removed the Katana from her. He then looked at Asirpa without flinching and imparted that everybody she adored would be killed by the Golden Kamuy revile one day. In the last venture of the section, Sugimoto severs free and pushes Asirpa on the train so she can carry on with her life in harmony.

Chapter 314

With the news of a new chapter, the fans were both happy and disappointed. The journey of last over 300 chapters came to an end but the end was what they wanted. The growth of Asirpa from chapter 1 to now has been tremendous. The only hurtful event is losing Sugimoto as Suigimoto will jump off the train to save Asirpa so that she can live the life she deserves to live. Do read the chapter if you have not until now do it as the ending is not just thrilling but brining the taste of satisfaction as well.

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