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Prima Doll – a multimedia project: Release Date, Spoilers, Plot and everything you need to know

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Prima Doll (Primador) is a Japanese multimedia project launched by Key and Visual Arts in October 2020. Also includes Kotobukiya toy figures, short stories, and web novels.


Ashsakura (Ashisakura) is an anime TV series directed by Bibury Animation Studios.

  1. Haizakura
  2. Karasuba
  3. Gekka
  4. Hōkiboshi
  5. Retzel
  6. Nagi Tōma
  7. Chiyo
  8. Otome Okunomiya


  • Media Print: A web novel titled Prima Doll Encore (プリマドール・アンコール), written by Tōya Okano and illustrated by Maroyaka, has been periodically released on the project`s official website since October 26, 2020. Encore features spoken lines of dialogue and as a result, is referred to as a “lite kinetic novel” about Key’s line of visual novels described as kinetic novels because their gameplay offers no choices or alternate endings.
    A series of short stories titled Prima Doll Interlude (プリマドール -interlude-), written by Kai and illustrated by Maroyaka, began serialization in ASCII Media Works’s Dengeki G’s Magazine with the December 2020 issue sold on October 30. The serialization continued every month until the November 2021 issue sold on September 30 when it was announced that it would halt temporarily. Two manga adaptations will be published: Prima Doll New Order (プリマドール New Order), illustrated by Yuriko Asami, will be serialized on the ComicWalker and Nico Nico Seiga websites. Prima Doll: Yōkoso Kuronekotei e (プリマドール ~ようこそ黒猫亭へ~, Prima Doll: Welcome to Kuronekotei), illustrated by Daiko Toda, will be serialized on the Comic Bushiroad Web platform.
  • Anime: An anime television series, directed by Tensho and animated by Bibury Animation Studios, will premiere on July 9, 2022, on Tokyo MX, MBS, BS Asahi, and AT-X. The screenplay is written by Kai and Tōya Okano. The character design was created by Akane Yano based on the original illustrations of Naga, Fuzichoco, Yui Hara, En Morikura, and Luck. [1] The opening theme song is “Tin Toy Melody” by Azumi Waki, Tomori Kusunoki, Miyu Tomita, Yuki Nakashima, and Akari Kito’s chat noir. This series is licensed by Sentai Filmworks worldwide, except in Asia.img
  • Other: In collaboration with plastic model and figure maker Kotobukiya, the lineup of 1/7 scale figures of characters was announced in October 2020. The figure of Hizakura was released on August 30, 2021 [15] [16], and the single “Kikaijikake no Mika / Sakura Sakura” was bundled with the limited edition release. Pink) I will deliver it. “Kikaijikake no Sanka” is sung by Azumi Waki, Tomori Kusunoki, Miyu Tomita, Yuki Nakashima, and Akari Kito. “Usuhanazakura” is sung by armpits. The appearance of the crow was announced in May 2021.

Prima Doll Season 1 on the Binji Watcher List

The watching series is a recent trend among binge-watchers, especially with blockades taking place after 2020. The continuous exploration of different paths, not just one region or genre, has become a new standard. Prima Doll Season 1 is one such series on the must-see list for many of these binge-watchers.


Prima Doll Season 1 Highlights

Prima Doll Season 1 will feature high cherry blossoms and broom stars. As mentioned above, there are other characters in the movie, so please enjoy the movie with your family and friends. The release date of the movie is shown above along with cast and trailer information. Prima Doll Season 1 is one such series on the must-see list for many of these binge-watchers.

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