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Reality Quest Chapter 31-Release Date, Spoilers, Plot and everything you need to know

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Ha, Do-Wan has been making a respectable attempt to become familiar with the secret behind his dad’s passing. Fortunately, he has another lead presently, on account of Eun-Sung, who helped him in his central goal. However, things will change in Reality Quest Chapter 31. Presently Do-Wan needs to remain alert and set himself up for the impending journey adjusted for him. Can he deal with his own life and mission?

According to Reality Quest Chapter 31, Do-Wan will get another mission, and managing the new undertaking will not be all around as basic as it appears. Things will change. Most likely this mission will assist Ha With doing Wan investigate another lead. In the meantime, he could experience an old adversary who will make more issues for himself and Ji-Han.

Reality Quest Chapter 31

The plot of the previous episode

In the last part, Eun-Sung got a call from Ha Do-Wan, who let him know he was making a beeline for the Bongcheon-dong work office. In any case, Eun-Sung was amazed to learn it and chose to go along with him there. Nonetheless, he met with prison hooligans who attempted to compromise him. Yet, all things being equal, they were panicked by Eun-Sung’s character. Even though they were about twenty hooligans, they chose not to intrude on Eun-Sung’s business. Be that as it may, it was very astounding to perceive how serenely Do-Wan was venturing down the steps in the wake of having a fistfight with Seok-Yung.

Afterward, Do-Wan and Eun-Sung sat in the recreation area where Eun-Sung gave Do-Wan the proof of his dad’s mishap night. In the short clasp, somebody screwed up with the brakes and caused this mishap. Eun-Sung caught his eye with the suspect’s clothing. He was wearing a Sunlight Shelter hoodie which indicates that somebody from the Sunlight Shelter affiliation had arranged it. Presently they need to track down this individual to give his dad equity.

snippet from chapter

Spoilers of Chapter 31

In the end snapshot of the last part, Do-Wan seems amazed to discover that his assessment is not too far off. He went ballistic and couldn’t figure out how to manage it. However, his schoolmate Ji-Han moved toward him. He likewise recommended that they ought to concentrate together. At long last, Do-Wan has a companion, and he gets ready to make a beeline for his home. Yet, before that, he gets another journey that says, “safeguard Ji-Han.”
Presently he needs to see whether it has something to do with him. In the interim, the way to his home would be very daring as an old foe would appear. The individual and his better half will attempt to make a wreck for Ji-han, which will reveal insight into his past. Presently Do-Won needs to manage this and shield his companion from additional dangers.

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