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Say Yes Season 2 Episode 3.4-[Leaked online] check out for latest updates

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Say Yes has acquired huge ubiquity through its most memorable season, and numerous energetic fans have wanted to observe the foaming connection between Koun and Gilhein. They, at last, communicated their actual affections for one another, which we find in the end snapshot of the primary season. Nonetheless, things will change from this point forward as they will begin finding out about their dull past. Will they stand firm for one another? How about we find out what will occur next in Say Yes Season 2 Episode 3.4.

The forthcoming part will manage the results of the last excursion. As we probably are aware, the chief has called Gilhein for some work. Along these lines, Koun requests to give him his organization. Notwithstanding, the experience with the chief will not be charming for Koun. Further, it could influence Gilhein’s standing too. Presently it stays to see whom Gilhein will pick.

Chapter 3.14 snippet


In the last episode, Koun was hypnotized by seeing Gilhein near him. He began considering how smoothly Gilhein managed unfamiliar issues. Truth be told, he loses all sense of direction in his looks and starts considering how amazing Gilhein is. Notwithstanding, the chief called Gilhein, so he went to the vital’s office for certain papers that his kindred schoolmates gave him. In any case, Koun would rather not be abandoned, so he goes along with him.

The two talk during their excursion, and Koun informs Gilhein regarding his relationship with the head. He lets him know that the chief suspended him the last year, and he wishes him not to recall his face. In the meantime, Gilhein moved his attention to Koun’s hand. He needed to hold his hand however appeared to be restless. In any case, Koun surprised him and requested his hand. He later prods they are a couple now so he can hold his hand and hauls him to a confidential spot. Yet, before they can come to, Koun’s old enemy shows up and start a ruckus for no obvious reason.

Season 2 Snippet

Spoiler of Chapter 3.4

In the last episode, a kid from an alternate grade sprung up and threw the papers in Koun’s grasp. Angry Koun urges him to apologize and assist him with getting them. In any case, it appears as though things won’t fill in as Koun suspected. The kid almost certainly recollects Koun as he makes reference to last year’s suspension and cancels him to back. While Koun will rethink his choice, Gilhein will step in and request that kid apologize to Koun. This will eventually prompt a fistfight.

Be that as it may, Koun will attempt to settle all that and request that Gilhein stops the battle. After this, Koun will take Gilhein to a tranquil spot that Gilhein hasn’t seen at this point. They will have a little talk there, and Koun will embrace Gilhein for standing firm for him. He will recall the past, and his quiet will compel Gilhein to study his past. In any case, it will require some investment for Koun to focus on his past, which torments him.


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