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Tales Of Demons And Gods Chapter 377.5 [leaked online] check out the latest chapters

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The Chapter was published in late April 2022 and got a great response from the fans. With time Nie Li is effectively dominating his abilities and will keep on getting it done. Notwithstanding, the way he has picked won’t be straightforward. In Tales Of Demons And Gods Chapter 377.5, he will end up in an overwhelming circumstance. Things won’t fill in as he expected, and his keenness will either assist him with avoiding this impending danger or maybe the individual could kill him.

Snippet from 6th Volume

The plot of the Show

Nie Li, one of the most grounded Demon Spirits in his previous existence remaining at the zenith of the military world, nonetheless, lost his life during the fight with Sage Emperor and the six god positioned monster, his spirit was then reawakened back in time back to when he is as yet 13. Even though he is the most fragile in his group with the least ability at just Red soul domain, with the guidance of the immense information, which he aggregated in his past life, he prepared quicker than anybody. Attempting to safeguard the city which in the approaching future was being attacked by a monster and turned out to be obliterated as well as safeguarding his darling, loved ones who passed on by the monster attack, and to annihilate the holy family who forsakes their obligation and sold out the city in his previous existence.


In Chapter 377 of the manhwa, Nie Li ended up in an overwhelming circumstance. He was caught in a room and didn’t figure out how to exit from that point. In the meantime, he understood that somebody was going close to his place. So he attempted to get his sword, however his endeavor bombed thanks to the strong atmosphere holding him. He understood that he’d been gotten and attempted to utilize the plant to move away from this present circumstance. In any case, the plant was likewise impeded. He appeared to be alarmed as the voice turned stronger.

At a certain point, Nie Li’s idea of utilizing God’s mysterious procedures, yet later, he understood that he was unable to battle with this individual. While he thought about who this individual was, a female figure broke into the spot with a sharp blade. She opened up that somebody had requested that she kill him. Be that as it may, she needed to play with him first before executing him. Nonetheless, he figured out how to ask her who was behind this. She uncovered that Venerable Flameless requested that she kill Nie Li without burning through much time.

Yun Yan

Chapter 377.5

Without giving many spoilers all I can tell you is in the last section, Nie Li purposes a glossed word to charm the senior, who showed up to kill him. Nonetheless, he’s right now powerless as his body is briefly deadened. So he can’t utilize any stunts to retaliate against this senior. Now that he knows Venerable Flameless is behind this, he will keep buttering the seniors who recommended that she can save him today. All things considered, it’s impossible that Nie Li will pass on in the impending part. So maybe he will persuade his senior to save him. However, it appears as though somebody from the upper domain is behind this death game. This is because the Venerable Flameless is a 3-stage DAO and the lady gave off an impression of being an 8-stage DAO. So it hints somebody doesn’t believe he should accomplish extraordinary levels in a more limited period.

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