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The Summit Of The Gods Anime: Release Date and Updates

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The Summit of the Gods is a Japanese manga series which is written by the writer Jiro Taniguchi and also illustrated by him. Its idea is copied from a 1998 novel, Baku Yumemakura. A film was also released on the same topic and now it is going to be an anime. The original is in the French language, but the anime will be in the Japanese language. The one who raised the concept of making an anime of the original series is Patrick Imbert. But the story is of Baku Yumemakura. Its manga will run for the next three years.



The Summit of the God anime’s plot revolves around the adventure of two people. A mountaineer and his cameraman who goes climbing Mount Everest. The people are Joji Hobu and Makoto Fukamachi . They both decide to climb the Mountain from its Southwest side during winter. Which is one of the most difficult periods. They not only took a risk to climb the mountain in the winter period but also planned to go without the oxygen cylinders. But doesn’t this sound impossible? Well, this is what even fans want to find out what would happen if they do as they are planning. There is also another mystery in the story. It is basically about the other mountaineer Mallory who got to the peak in only one attempt.



The makers have recently launched a poster of the anime The Summit of the Gods Anime on its official website. The poster includes information about the cast along with the titles and the film’s awards. But at all, it was written in the Japanese language which made it difficult to understand for the people who aren’t the learners of the Japanese language. Talking of the visuals, the poster looked stunning in every way. The visual of the poster includes two mountaineers climbing the mountain by holding ropes and hooks in their hands. The only thing they lacked as a mountaineer was the oxygen cylinders in their back.


On the official website of the Crunchyroll, the makers announced the release of the anime “The Summit of the God”. The release will be in Japan. However, it may be released in other countries afterward. This implies the fact that the language of the series will be the native language of Japan, yes you guessed it right, in the Japanese language. The original film was earlier released in France and was in the French language. So the makers are hoping for the anime to be a success as well. The movie was released in 300 theaters. So the makers want the anime to be a bigger hit and success than the original movie. The date, for now, is said to be July 8, 2022, for the release of the anime. However it may change, but for now, it is fixed to be in July.

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