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Twin Star Exorcist Chapter 106-Release Date, Spoilers, Plot and everything you need to know

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With the release of Chapter 106 of Twin Star Exorcists, the fans were with the hope that this outing should be as good as the previous one. In the last month’s chapter, Rokuro had a long and tedious banter with his parents. It was the first time here, that he came to understand the significance of the valley. After all this, he now only gets to learn about the reason behind the valley killing all the newborns. So now, he finally understood what is the purpose of his existence.

In this now-released chapter, Rokuro finally decides that he is going to end Sakanashi once and for all. Thus, it will be interesting to watch how he trains himself to grow up to a certain level as high as the enemy of the valley.

Twin Star Exorcists Chapter 106

What will happen in Chapter 106 of Twin Star Exorcists?

In the following storyline, fans will get to see an all-new version of Rokuro. After he learns about his purpose of existence and that he is the last straw into which everyone is putting their faith, he has now decided that he is not going to break those hopes for anyone. In the previous chapter, the main villain of the story was introduced beautifully. Now Rokuro has been fighting all kinds of demons, monsters, humans, and all other beings all his life. But it is only now that he realizes that the main purpose of his life is something different.

Being the successor of the last holder of the Great Yang’s soul, he also holds the responsibility of safeguarding the outcast valley. Chapter 106 of Twin Star Exorcist opens with Roku entering the ongoing fight in the valley only to take over the entire arena.

Twin Star Exorcists Chapter 106

Previous Chapter Recap!

In Chapter 105 of Twin star Exorcists, the opening was done by showing a few panels which revealed that Rokuro was spending a good time with his family. His stay in the outcast valley gave him the kind of happiness that he had not experienced in the past before. When he sat down with his parents, he got to know about the Soul of Great Yang from them. This soul had been trapped in the Valley for ages now. And each time the soul was reborn, the people of the valley would take the baby and kill it inside the valley. This was the only way to prevent the Great Yang from taking rebirth again and again.

But then, one day, a man named Sakanashi, came and he had the potential to harness the power of the Great Yang. But this was only until his power was split into a body and a soul. So now, as Takanashi planned to destroy the valley and take back the soul, this proved to be the biggest threat to Rokuro. This proved to be quite challenging for him.

Twin Star Exorcists Chapter 106

Twin Star Exorcists Chapter 106: Release Date

Twist Star Exorcists of Chapter 106 has already been released on May 2, 2022. Fans will be able to read the chapter only on the official pages of Viz Media, MangaPlus, and Shonen.


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