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Volcano Age 206-Mastermind behind the Dark Heaven!!-[leaked online] check out the latest chapters

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Volcano Age Chapter 206 finally reveals who is the mastermind behind the Dark Heaven Faction. In the previous chapter, Seo reported the news he learned to the Master of the Murim Alliance. He had his boss drop a bomb that Dark Haven Faction and Alkaid lived in the Imperial Palace and they had something to do with Tankmyung. Seo also reveals how Tank relates to these cults. The devil of heaven, Mizar, is also mentioned. It remains unclear how he knows everything. But they will be surprised to know the cult’s intentions. Volcanic Era Chapter 206: What Will Happen Next? Now they know about the Alkaloids and Dark Havens of the Imperial Palace, and they use this information to oppose them.

iimg However, the group has already killed one of the Buddhist monks at Shaolin Temple, so they must watch over the enemy carefully. Warrior Joe helped them fight the cult army. You need to find a way to stop this threat. But they need to remember that the Dark Haven faction is rooted in the Imperial Palace. Therefore, you need to move it carefully. Also, in Volcano Age Chapter 206, Seo reveals the master of this cult and how he manages everything. The Master seems to be one of the Hongwu Emperor’s officials who chose to break the norms to lead a better life. Also, the main agenda of this sect remains unclear, and they are likely to be involved in a bloody war. They just want to spread the threat among the common people, as they know that the cult’s intent has already been achieved. A brief summary!The previous chapter began with members of the Shaolin Temple mourning the death of Nam Amiable. He sacrificed himself and saved everyone from the Dark Haven Fraction. Jusocheon thought about the death of the Master. He also heard people talking about his death and the collapse of Shaolin Temple. But to manage the situation, everyone decided to cover it up. After that, Seochon went to the Murim Alliance to cover the Dark Haven Faction.Meanwhile, Fekda disregarded the rumors and surfaced. Now everyone in the world will know the existence of the Dark Haven faction. Meanwhile, Seocheon arrived at the Murim Alliance and revealed that Divine Destruction Ruller helped them fight the Dark Heaven Faction. Seo also revealed the whereabouts of the poisonous dragon Dangmyeon. They later discovered that alkaloids and dark heaven factions remained in Hongwu Emperor. However, 20 years have passed since the death of the emperor. He later revealed the history of the emperor and how his companions became a faction of dark heaven.iimg

Volcanic Era Chapter 206 Release Date

The volcanic era follows a non-uniform emission pattern. Therefore, it is very difficult to guess when the manga will return in the next chapter. However, Volcano Age Chapter 206 is expected to be released within a week. Therefore, the next chapter may return on May 29, 2022.

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